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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Busy As All Get Out!

Is it just me, or does it feel like the earth is spinning at twice it's normal speed? I have been busier than shit for the past four days, and I've about had enough.

Tuesday, I had a teeny weeny breakdown at my desk because the emails were piling up, the phone wouldn't stop ringing and every two minutes, someone was standing at my door wanting something. Then yesterday, the Outlook calendars spazzed out because of the upcoming daylight savings time change and now every appointment on all seven calendars I manage has been moved up an hour. And some people can't grasp this concept so they're constantly emailing me or calling me to say "I thought that meeting was at 1pm. Why is it at 2pm now?" or "Yesterday, we were meeting at 9am, now we're meeting at 10am?"

Just shoot me.....

And then there's the stuff outside of work. A quick rundown of the next few months:

A friend's 40th birthday at the end of the month
(*No mention of it yet, but oh, there will be a party)
A three day weekend with my boys at a cabin up in the mountains at the end of the month
(*This is actually the thing that will be getting me through the stress)
Steve's 40th birthday extravaganza in June
(*Big party. B I G. I'm goin' all out! This, I'm enjoying.)
A quick trip to Houston for a friend's wedding in June
(*Not so much a stress....just using vacation time. Which is a stress in itself.)
Another 40th birthday three day weekend in July
(*Already requiring committment and money, which I can't even fathom right now)
A wedding in August
(*Probably another three day weekend)
Then, hopefully, a two week vacation drive to northern California - just me and Steve
(*Wine country tour and maybe even a grand prix race.)

And towards the end of the year, yet another 40th birthday and another wedding.

Oh, and then there's *my* birthday in April. For which I probably will do nothing because I won't have the money or vacation time.


I told Steve, the 16 year old in me is just elated that I have this social circle. It took 32 years but look at me now! I still have pimples, but at least I'm popular! But then the 32 year old me, who has to accrue vacation time and pay bills, just can't do everything that everyone asks all the time, and still have time/money/energy to enjoy my own life. I'm learning to say no, but it's really no fun.

I'm not complaining. Really. Just venting. I really do enjoy being social. I just can't believe all of the things that have materialized just this week. Actually, in just one day. It's a lot to think about at one time.

Our three day weekend in the snow is very needed. It amazing how therapeutic just three days away can be. We'll play in the snow, sit by the fire, play some guitar, soak in the hot tub......

*b i g b r e a t h*

I think I'm relaxing just thinking about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeez - is everybody you know turning 40 this year??? And why is every 40th bday and wedding a 3 day event? Out of town? You think those short trips are fun and relaxing, but I'm learning (in my old age) that those are the trips that kill ya! Too short to really enjoy but still take all the packing and planning. Whew!

4:00 AM  

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