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Friday, March 02, 2007

Nothing to Report

It's been a busy week at work, but the social life is quite.
Steve's had the flu all week, so I've been sleeping on the couch and letting him cough and snore in peace, alone. We were going to go see Bob Schneider Tuesday night, but Steve just wasn't up for it.

I was scheduled to clean for Lisa on Wednesday, but she and her husband are remodeling their kitchen, so it was pointless for me to try and clean. Maybe next week. I ended up grocery shopping after work, then coming home to fix dinner and curl up to watch Lost - which I'm having a hard time staying up for now that it comes on at 10pm. That makes for a late night. And Sex and the City reruns are on at 11pm and since the TV is already on, I end up watching that, which puts me asleep at 11:30pm and then, well, crap.

Thursday, good TV. Lounging in front of the fire - because it's so cold we've actually had snow this week - and drinkin' tea.

And then girl bonding tonight.

Steve's feeling much better. He actually started a job today. Just a week long contract gig for a cruise line. I told him I want coupons.

I think I'll go spend some gift certificates tomorrow. Macy's, Eddie Bauer.....good stuff. Maybe return two pairs of shoes I bought a couple of weeks ago. And that's all I have planned for the whole weekend.

Can you believe it?


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