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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Storm Show

Steve and I went to see Storm and the Balls last night down in Fremont. It was quite the social experiment.

I would guess 60% of the people there had never been to Fremont before but had faithfully watched Storm on RockStar: SuperNova and some of them were obviously out of their comfort zone. My friend Jamie met us there, and the three of us sat at the bar by the front door and just watched the array of different people file in. We didn't see much of Storm, but we've seen her so many times before, we thought we'd be nice and let the newbies up front.

The show finally started at 10:30pm. And about six songs into it, the band took a "quick break" that lasted 45 minutes.......then Steve, Jamie and I left. She's apparently become quite the star and doesn't feel the need to scream her heart out for two hours. And more power to her! But Steve and I are old, and were quite tired by midnight. And sober, which lowers your tolerance for the drunk assholes that keep bumping into you as they lean on the bar to order more alcohol. So we saw her. And got to hear some of our favorite songs. And I got to wear one of my new dresses. And those people from out in the boonies got to have a night on the town and see Storm Large.

And I wonder how all of those people who had only seen her on TV felt when she talked about burping up jagermeister shots and sushi? Or when she talked about the loogie she hawked up on stage in San Francisco years ago, only to have some sick fan ask for it, then sell it on eBay? Or when she said her microphone smelled like ass, then made people in the audience smell it? Or when she threw the word "motherf*cker" into her version of ABBA's "Take A Chance On Me"?

She's nothing like the tame, pretty girl that charmed Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro on TV. She's quite raunchy. Which is why we like her so much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...I may like Storm a little less now - maybe I'm just old. The burping is ok (not really but my daughter does that so I guess i can't bust on Storm) but hocking up the loogie on stage is just plain gross. You can call me old if you want, it's okay.

4:16 AM  

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