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Monday, February 12, 2007

Quiet Weekend

We didn't go anywhere this weekend. Which was fine. Low key is always good.

Friday night we went out to dinner. Because I got a nice paycheck and I was in a mood. Went to the New Acorn Eatery, and I wish we hadn't. The food was good (as always) but we were ignored for the first 20 minutes, the refills on coffee were not free, even though they swing by every 15 minutes asking if you want more coffee and, because they pride themselves on now being a "kid friendly" place, there were a ton of loud, rambunctious kids (who had no parents apparently). Steve and I could barely hear each other across the table.

Then we rented a couple of movies on the way home. I dozed during the first one, which didn't last long because Steve turned if off after 10 minutes. Just bad.

Saturday, I slept until 11am. Ack. I called Kim and we decided to get together for dinner that evening. Steve and I were going to go get new cell phones beforehand, but the research process took a bit longer than I anticipated, so we decided to do that later. I ended up going to wash Ruby and vacuum her (she's so pretty now!) and then to the grocery store. I offered to make salmon so I got fixings for a cilantro topped salmon recipe that's yummy. And Tim made this brown betty crumble thing that was fantastic! I love his desserts. I even ate a piece of cherry pie recently, even though I don't care much for fruit pies (aside from apple). Anyway, Steve and I were home by 11pm.

OH! And much excitement in our neighborhood on Saturday! When I left the house, I noticed a police car at the end of our street with his lights on. Huh, I thought. When I got home two and a half hours later, the police car was still there. So I cruised down that way just to take a peek. I didn't see anything happening right there, but as I circled the block, I saw a SWAT truck, news camera crews, tons of police cars and people everywhere. I thought at first it was the bomb squad and I got a little nervous. I went home to check the news, but there was no mention of anything happening in Ballard. So frustrating! I found out the next day that some woman had called 911, saying her estranged, suicidal husband had their little 6 year old daughter held hostage in his apartment. But come to find, the girl wasn't there and neither was the husband. Craziness.

Anyway, Sunday, Steve and I went out to his folks' to subject them to our vacation videos from this past summer. We got home early and I made enchiladas for dinner. We watched the Grammys (Go DIXIE CHICKS!) while Steve tried to fix a broken electric razor and I did some administrative stuff.

That is, until Steve sliced his finger horribly with an xacto knife. There was talk of going to the emergency room and stitches, but luckily, the bleeding seemed to stop after an hour of constant pressure and elevation. I haven't heard from him yet today, so I'm not sure how it is this morning. I'll report back tomorrow - I know you're just on the edge of your seat.

And tonight is the massage and quality time with myself while Steve is at band practice. I'm kinda liking these Monday evenings alone. Maybe I'll stop at Smokin' Pete's and get some southern greens and dirty rice. Maybe even a piece of brisket. If I'm feelin' all crazy.


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