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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Exhausted & Detoxing

So the anniversary breakfast (and all the stress that goes with it) is done. I worked 9 hours on Monday and 10 hours on Tuesday, so I slept in this morning and came to work at 10am. Much needed.

Although, we went to see ThorNton Creek play last night in Fremont and I didn't get to bed until 12:30am, so I'm still not thoroughly rested up. Looking forward to doing that this evening after I watch my shows. And my sinuses are all stuffed up again, after two days of normalcy. I wonder if it's alcohol that's stuffin' me up?

Well, we shall see. Steve and I have decided to take a break from drinking this month, although Steve has requested exemption for Saturday - bachelor party. I have the bachelorette party this weekend as well, but I think I may still refrain. Not sleeping well because I can't breath out of my nose is quite a deterrent.

I will also refrain from dairy this month, as numerous people have told me they quit getting sinus infections as soon as they quit eating dairy. So I'll give it a whirl. I used soy milk in my coffee this morning, which actually give it a nutty taste, and I bought soy milk for my cereal and a soy yogurt to try - but I'm having a hard time with that one. The milk is fine; I don't really drink it when I eat my cereal. But the yogurt.....hmmm. I'll let you know how it goes.

And no, the problem is not living in Seattle, so just save your energy, you certain family members you. Always looking for a way to get in that line "You should move......" If you could only see how incredibly beautiful it is today, you would understand why I love it here so much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn! Now I have to refrain from saying that the problem is that you live in damp Seattle! However, I will say that you did not have sinus issues when you stayed at my house. And I keep toying with the idea of giving up alcohol for a while myself. Ask Kristin - I wanted her to do it with me and she said NO! Let me know how it goes.

4:47 AM  

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