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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sad Day in Seahawks Land

Well, poo.
The Seahawks are done now. 27-24. Thanks to everyone for your emails, text messages and phone calls. Your condolences are much appreciated. We're glad you were out there rooting for us.


But ya know what? Everyone predicted the Bears would just cream us. They thought we wouldn't even be able to score against them! And we held our own! We had to go into overtime! And yes, the Seahawks failed to get it done, but hey. Not such a bad way to go out.

And only nine months until football season starts again!

At least my Sundays are free again. There's a perk.


Blogger The Hamilton's said...

Hey...they made it to the playoffs. That's better than my team.

5:06 AM  

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