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Saturday, December 30, 2006

I am Healed!

It took four days, but I think I'm going to live! The cough syrup that the doctor prescribed has been great in making me sleep through the night. Codine, baby! And I'm pretty sure the beef in the thai food we ordered last night helped too. Sometimes your body just needs a jolt of red meat and iron.

I actually got up this morning and joined the gang for brunch at the Salmon Bay Cafe. This past week I had missed a birthday party, a gathering of out of town friends at a nearby pub, and a get together to help a friend assemble her wedding invitations. I was not going to miss brunch. And I did okay. Steve and I walked down to the restaurant and back. I think that did me some good, too.

So now I may go to Goodwill to see if I can find a snazzy little dress for the New Year's Eve party. Yes, this year it is an Official Party. An Evite has been sent out. Alcohol and food purchased. Furniture has been rearranged. But not at our place. It's at Mickey P's place this year. He has hardwood floors. Much better for dancing.

And I'll stay in tonight to rest up. I sense tomorrow night will be a late one.


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