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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Have you been keeping up with our weather out here? Holy crap, it's crazy!

We had a storm on Monday night that made me flash back to the days of hurricanes in Texas. I woke up a few times, panicked that the wind was going to blow the windows in. We're technically on the 3rd floor and it sounded like the entire wall was going to blow in. I think the gusts were up around 40 mph. Wow.

And tonight is even worse. They said on the coast and islands, there could be gusts up to 100 mph. That's a category 2 hurricane.

So Steve and I bought masking tape and taped up the windows.

Call it overreacting, but I think I'll sleep much better tonight knowing that if the windows blow in, then they won't shatter all over the floor.

And you can't see it, but there are towels and bowls in the first floor windows. They're leaking. A lot.

And hows about that shot of our office (second floor)? Nice, huh? Now you can see how Steve and I sit next to each other, both surfing the net, watching TV. It's a crazy life we lead.


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