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Monday, December 11, 2006

Quality Time with My Man

Our weekend was just lovely. Steve's been working long hours recently so we finally got to spend some nice, quality time together.

Friday, we stopped by Lisa's open house art show, then headed to the Cellar Bistro for a nice, quiet dinner. Afterwards, we just cuddled and chatted. The best Friday night I've had in a long time.

Saturday, we slept in and finally left the house around 1pm to have breakfast at the Salmon Bay Cafe. Then, a day of erranding. We were looking for solid colored, glass ornaments to put in a big glass vase I found. Very posh. All the big stores are doing it. You would not believe how hard it is to find solid colored red, green or silver ornaments that aren't cheap and plastic. Or red ones that aren't stuck in with gold ones or silver ones that aren't with blue ones. Why is it so hard?

Finally, after three hours, we found some at Fred Meyer. Whew. Christmas crisis averted.

After the ornament search, we came home, ate and re-energized. Then went out and bought a tree!

I wanted a really big one, but they were a bit more expensive, so we settled on a 5-6 foot. Very pretty. But next year, I'm savin' up. I want a huge tree. I mean HUGE!!
Sunday, we met his family for brunch up in Edmonds. It was his mother's birthday. We gave her this picture, in a frame:

Nice, huh? This was from when we went to Figgy Pudding to hear his dad sing.

After brunch, we headed down to Renton to watch the Seahawks with some friends. We don't really need to go into great detail about that game. Not really worth the energy it would take for me to type about it. We ended up hanging out long after the game, eating, drinking and playing Taboo. Fun.

Sunday evening, we added a few more decorations to the tree and called it a night.

So, busy weekend, but fun weekend.

This week is last minute christmas shopping (because I ain't shoppin' next week!) and then baking this weekend. I may bake cookies for everyone at work. We'll see. It depends how I feel.


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