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Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend Update

My weekend was lovely. Just lovely.

I had a cocktail with my buddy after work on Friday. It's always nice to hang out with her - we can gripe about work together.

Then Steve and I walked down to Ballard and had mexican food, then on to the Lock & Keel for some pool. I played pretty well, but Steve! Steve ended up winning the table from our buddy who's there every Friday and Saturday night and normally runs the table for hours and hours. I think it helped Steve that this guy had gotten there early Friday and was three sheets to the wind by the time they played.

Saturday, we got up and headed out before noon! I know!
We went to Seattle Cycle Center to get some discount passes for the motorcycle show that's coming up next weekend. Then to REI, because they're having a big sale and I like to act like I need outdoorsy things. We do plan to go play in the snow this Friday. We thought about snowshoeing, but Steve hasn't found any good snow/winter boots yet, so we'll just stick with playing in the snow. Stay tuned for many pictures of snow angels.

Anyway, after REI we stopped at a couple of music stores so Steve could pick up that go in the bass, you need them to install the humbuckers...I forget what they're called. It's all very technical. Then we headed home to rest up for our friends Chris & Katie's engagement party at Lisa's.

We were thinking cocktails with a few friends, but holy geez! They decorated, made up games, had a slide show of pictures going on the TV and a huge spread of cheeses, tarts, meats and meatballs - which I was told were stuffed mushroom caps so I popped one in mouth only to immediately realize, wait! Not a mushroom. That whole no-eating-meat streak is Officially Over. There were probably 15 or 20 people there at one time. So many people, in fact, that for about 15 minutes I stood in a corner because I couldn't manuever my way anywhere. But it was good to just hang out and chat with people. Everyone was asking what Steve and I had been up to, and we couldn't think of anything. We haven't seen anyone in a month, but we have no idea what we've been doing. I told Steve I should read my blog more often. Refresh my memory.

Got home around midnight and crashed.

Sunday. Football. Ack.
Seahawks lost - 21 to 27. We're not happy, but we're still #1 (in the division)!

Steve worked on his basses all day and I piddled around the house. I played on iTunes. Did I tell you I signed up for iTunes? Lots of fun. I've been buying christmas songs so I can make my own christmas cds. I have 40 songs so far. I don't have an iPod but I like buying single songs rather than a whole cd. You always end up not liking some songs. But now! You only buy what you want. Why can't that do that with cable channels? I don't need half the stations - I just want the Cartoon Network, ESPN, CMT. Why can't I just buy those? Customize my package? Anyway, iTunes has been very entertaining. You can make all kinds of playlists and set rules. Kim-n-Tim have a couple and it acts as their radio. No need to change cds. Just let your iPod go and you've got (almost) endless tunes. Gotta love technology. I told Steve, a year ago I was rolling my eyes at the whole iPod craze. Not anymore. Pretty nifty stuff.

Oh, back to Sunday. I addressed some more christmas cards. I put the lights up outside. It was a festive day for me.

And now! Only a three day workweek!
Except I have to be at work at 6:30am tomorrow. Staff meeting. Shoot me.


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