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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Oy Vey...

What a busy week. Both at work and at home.

Tuesday, I ended up going to work in my black pleather pants, my black tank top with my black pleather coat. I was a rock star. Sorry I don't have a picture for you because I was H O T.

The Day of the Dead party that evening was lovely. Well, as lovely as can be when you gather to celebrate dead people. Sean had created an alter in his spare room.

We place our pictures and momentos there - Steve took pictures of his grandparents, Gordon and Virginia, and I took pictures of, ahem, ready? Mabel, Jesse, Dorothy, Papa John, Tony, Judy, Samantha (our old cat) and Lassie (our old dog). I didn't know we were going to have toast each of the people we chose to remember or I would have scaled it down alittle. But all in all, a very nice way to spend Halloween.

Wednesday, I came home and climbed into bed and slept for two hours while Steve cleaned the kitchen. I love nights like that. I made dinner, we watched Lost, then back to bed.

Thursday, off to the Bob Schneider show. See last post entitled P L A N K.

Friday, easy work day. My sinuses were horrible all night Thursday night, so I didn't sleep much. I went into work a few hours late so I could try to get a bit more sleep. And no it wasn't just because of the show. I'm young. I can handle that kind of stuff. I just can't handle waking myself up out of deep sleep by sneezing. It's the weirdest thing.

After work Friday, a group of us went out to toast our friend Dean who is taking a leave of absence for a while. Lucky Dog. Happy hour turned into a whole night of partying it up. That was not in the plan.

Saturday, I got up and walked, in the rain, to the bus stop to meet Kim. We went to the Bodies Exhibit downtown. The exhibit has human organs and bodies, skin removed so you can see the muscles and nerves, that have been preserved and then laid out and labeled. Very informative. Some say very gruesome, but I didn't think so. Maybe I've just watched too much CSI. There were a lot of people and there was a lot to look at, so by the time we got out of there, it was 4:30 and very cold out. The walk to the bus after the exhibit was just comical. It was just pouring out (which it's doing right now as well) so we were completely drenched, even in our high priced REI rain coats.

That evening, Steve and I ordered in and watched a movie. A nice, quiet night.

And today, we watched football until 6pm, then we went grocery shopping. The weather has just been icky so it was a perfect day for curling up in front of the fire and cheering for the Redskins (WOOHOO!), the Chiefs (Rams lost another one! That's good for us!!) and the Broncos (because they played Pittsburg and you know why)!

This week will be a busy week at work. It's Radiologic Technology Week, which means our vendors (Philips, Siemens, GE) bring lunches to woo us. I'm not a tech, but I get to partake in all of the food! Breakfast tomorrow, lunch Tuesday and Wednesday and cake and coffee on Thursday. Then Friday is Veteran's Day and the doctors and radiologists have that day off. Our clinic does not. So even though there won't be any patients, we still have to go to work. Nice, huh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm beginning to wonder about you. First The Day of the Dead Party and then the Bodies Exhibit? And how about those 'Skins???? You just never know what will happen.

4:31 AM  

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