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Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend Update

So, I last posted on Tuesday.

Wednesday, Lost! I love that show. Too many commericals, but I love that show. I'm half inclined to just not watch it all season, then get the whole season on DVD next summer. But then what would I do on Wednesday nights? I like having something to look forward to.

Thursday, Steve and I had dinner with my work buddy, Randall and his wife. Blue C. Yummy.

Friday, I met up with a few people from work for a drink, then Steve and I had dinner with Kim-n-Tim. They made pizza. Also yummy. We left early because I was really tired and not feeling too well. I've had this cough for two weeks now, which wakes me up at night, and I was just drained on Friday night. So we were in bed by about 11pm.

Saturday, I had absolutely no motivation to do anything. I got up around 9am, paid some bills, started a load of laundry, ate breakfast. Then went and got back into bed around noon. Ack. Finally got some energy around 2pm and went to Fred Meyer to get a mattress pad. The one we bought with our new latex mattress just makes us too hot. It's got some kind of backing that doesn't breathe at all, but prevents spills from getting to the mattress. Since we're not five years old and we don't spill drinks or pee in bed, we decided it was more important to sleep cooler than to protect the mattress. After Fred Meyer, I went grocery shopping. That took three hours. Again, no energy. I couldn't decide which honey to buy. There's so many different kinds. Deciding which jam took ten minutes. I had to weigh the options of block of cheddar versus bag of shredded cheddar. Even figuring out which bread to buy was time consuming. It's like I'd had a stroke. Couldn't focus on anything.

Finally got home at 6pm, and started dinner. Baked spaghetti. I love that stuff. And it's so easy. And I eat off of it for a week. Normally. But this week I'm feeding one of the guys who works the front desk. He's adding a second story to his houseboat, so his plumming is shut off and his kitchen is gutted. He made the comment that eating out was getting very expensive. Since I tend to cook for six people (because that's what the recipe is geared for and I lack the math skills to covert the recipe to feed only two, and I'm too ashamed to actually ask Steve for help) I told him I would bring him lunches. So he got baked spaghetti today. And will probably have it tomorrow, because again, I'm lacking the energy to actually stand in the kitchen and chop and saute and whisk. Steve is sick with a cold, so he may just get soup tonight. That will only take a few minutes.

Where was I?
Ah, dinner Saturday night. Baked spaghetti.

So we had dinner, then vegged/snoozed on the couch until midnight, then went to bed.

Got up at 9am on Sunday and went to Ballard Market to pick up the 12 fresh croissants I had requested for brunch. Came home, started coffee, got the fruit tray out, beautifully positioned my Seahawks plates and napkins, and put the croissants in a pretty little basket with a pretty little towel and sat down to watch kick off. People started trickling in around 10:30 (they're not *real* football fans....they don't care about the kick off) and they hung out all afternoon, the last one leaving at 4pm.

Then it was more lounging because the energy levels were still very low, even after that amazing finish. I reheated some baked spaghetti for us for dinner and kept Steve's tea hot. He stayed on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket all night, sneezing and coughing. Poor thing.

And tonight is my massage. Then probably bed. Actually, I feel pretty energized after my massages, so I may cook dinner tonight. We got leeks and squash with our organic delivery last week, so I found a recipe for those that I may try - along with some fried tofu!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Energy level low, hmmmm....maybe you need to eat more protein and take a multi-vitamin. ;>) Very nice of you to feed the guy at work.

4:50 AM  

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