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Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Lovely Weekend

What a lovely weekend I had.
Friday night, Steve and I went to a house concert over in Samammish to see our Portland friends Adam+Kris. House concerts are always a good time. We haven't seen them in...probably close to a year, so we hung out afterwards and chatted. Then came home and crashed.

Saturday I got up and went for a walk. Then took Ruby to get her very first oil change. They washed her too. I have to make an appointment to take her back in - the check engine light is coming on and there is a rattle somewhere around the sunroof that is driving me insane. So I'll do that in the next week or two. I also went to the DOL and got my motorcycle endorsement on my license. Which meant a new picture. I'm glad I took the time to blow dry and straighten my hair before I left. It's a good picture.

I swung by Kim-n-Tim's house on my way home, but they were out. I got home, sat around for a bit, then Steve and I went to dinner. He went out afterwards with Sean and Shaun, so I came back home, got in my jammies and installed Quicken. Did I tell you I just broke down and bought Quicken 2007? After digging around for an hour, I figured out you could open your old Quicken files and it would convert them to Quicken 2007. Easy as that. I manually typed in all the transactions from May 28th, when I stopped using my old Quicken program, and then reconciled six months of statements. And my balances match. Go figure. I'll never stray from Quicken again.

Oh! And Daniela called!! It was so good to talk to her. She's a bit lonely in New Jersey but she likes her position at the University and they're finally getting settled in their house. She said Jonah is a real little boy now. He's in daycare a couple of days a week and it's been great for him. He's responsive so he'll nod when you ask him a question and come to you when you ask for a hug. I miss them so much. She said they have plans to come back next summer for a week or so. She's got some field work to do so they'll make a family vacation out of it. That seems like such a long time from now. Ug.

I went to bed at 1am and Steve got home shortly after that. He had a good time with the boys.

This morning, we got up and met Steve's folks for breakfast. Then came back to the house and, again in my jammies, watched football allllllll day. All freakin' day! What a wonderful day!! Steve built a fire, it was cold, grey and drizzling outside and we had soup for dinner. I love this time of year!!

And how about them Eagles?! I think I'm an Eagles fan now. I love any team that can whip up on the Cowboys. And the Chargers?! Oh yea. I gotta get a t-shirt. Man, what a day!!

And then tomorrow is work.


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