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Friday, September 22, 2006

Week and Pre-Weekend Update

So, yeah, massage on Monday
Walked and then met Lisa and Kelly for dinner on Tuesday.

Wednesday, went home, immediately got into my jammies, poured a glass of wine and sat on the computer all night reading a new blog that is just captivating. It was a very bad day at work and I just needed to zone out.

Last night, I had my doctor's appointment, then I walked by myself. My walking buddy has started a class so she can't walk on Thursday's anymore. We'll have to figure out another day. The walk was beautiful. It had rained a lot throughout the day but the sun came out around 5:30 so it was bright and clean. Fall is rushing in and you can smell it in the air. The leaves are changing and falling and people in the neighborhood are breaking out their fleeces and hats. I love this season.

When I got home, I made two cakes for today's September Birthday Celebration at work. I was buying cards for everyone but then we had five birthdays in two weeks so the employees are tired of signing cards. So I re-implemented the once a month birthday celebration. I made a chocolate cake and a spice cake. I'll set them up in the conference room at 3:00 today.

Tonight, we have an art opening at 7pm, then a party at 8pm. Tomorrow, we're going over to Port Townsend for the ThorNton Creek show. We'll stay the night at our friends' then come home on Sunday. Hopefully we'll get home before the 1pm Seahawks game. I'm excited about this game - the Giants have apparently been complaining that our stadium is too loud. Last year when they played here, they had 11 false starts and lost to us in overtime because Feely missed 3 field goal attempts. Poor babies. There's been articles and stories on the news about how there will be people in our stadium to monitor the noise, and to ensure we're not piping in extra noise through the sound system.

If they thought the crowd was too loud before, just wait until Sunday. Holy crap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet you were on the edge of your seat during the NY - Seattle game! Admit it - you were a little scared. I'm glad you guys won - helps our cause a little when NY loses. If only the Eagles could've lost.

5:03 AM  

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