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Friday, September 15, 2006


[I finally added pictures. Although, not that many.]

I wanted to wait until we got the pictures downloaded to write about Texas, but that hasn't happened, so I'll just give you a quick synopsis.

Well, you already know about the fantastic flight down there. We ended up getting to mom and dad's around 9. We ate something, then just curled up and watched cable then went to bed.

Sunday, I got up and mom and I headed to the new Starbucks right down the street from them. It was very exciting. Big ol' latte. Later that afternoon, we went to the Hawg Stop (which has a website, believe it or not) for the Labor Day Weekend Blues Festival. I got drunk, I think for the first time, on beer. Corona. Dressed. Do you know what a dressed Corona is? Steve and I didn't, and we wondered what was taking so long when we ordered. The bartender rubs a lime all of the neck of the beer and then dumps a ton of salt on it. Huh.

Anyway, dad had more beers that day than he's probably had in the last 5 years. And Steve was matching him beer for beer. Mom even had one. Then she saw that the rest of us were showing no signs of stopping, so she switched to water. Dad and I wanted to go out for mexican food afterwards, and mom said "I'm not taking you guys out in public!" We won her over.

Monday we headed out west, to Camp Wood, Texas. It was a long, long drive, but well worth it because the river is just beautiful. You got a little update from there on Tuesday so we'll move on.

But we did get to drive four wheeler and....I can't remember what the ones with the beds were called.

Wednesday, the rain had stopped, so Steve and I got to get in the river for about an hour. Finally. We got to swim. That afternoon, Mary and mom drove us to San Antonio to pick up a rental car. They went back to Camp Wood, Steve and I went to on to Austin.

The bed and breakfast in Austin was lovely.....

and even had an outdoor shower....

How fun :-)

We got there around 5:30pm and wanted to go out for dinner, but Rock Star was on at 7pm, so we hung around, watched that, then headed to South Congress to find some food. And it was *our* vacation, so it's okay that we sat and watched TV for an hour. I mentioned earlier we saw Patrice from Rock Star. That was the only big celebrity sighting.

Thursday, we took the 'Dillo, a free trolly system, downtown and wondered around. There are 5 or so different, colored routes so we took the orange in, then got on the silver and rode it around, then took the red back to where we could catch the orange and get back to the B&B. It wasn't too miserably hot. It had rained there too, so that kept the temp down. Once we got back though, I hopped in the pool and laid out for a while. I got to swim AGAIN! It was a smidge chilly, but I didn't care. I was going to swim! Very relaxing.

That evening, we had a fancy dinner at Vespaio's, just walking distance from our place. It was extremely indulgent. I can't even describe it. Half moons of pasta filled with summer squash with some kind of brown butter cream sauce and toasted walnuts. Ack. I think I ate two of the six on the plate. We took the rest back to our room (we had a little fridge). It was also the First Thursday on South Congress so there were booths lined up along the street with crafts and jewelry and music. It was nice, but it was like every summer festival in Seattle. They're all the same after while. And I either ate too much or had too much wine because I was very blue and uncomfortable and just wanted to go back to the room and go to bed. It occured to me later that I was very, very homesick. Austin wasn't as wonderful as I had hoped it would be and I just missed our friends and our bed. So I was in bed early that night.

Friday, I just let Steve take the lead and drag me around. We hit a bunch of guitar shops, which was very cool, and went to Waterloo Records, the big independent record store there. It was actually a very nice day. Except for the freakin' UT and OU football fans who were packing 6th street screaming all kinds of crap and gearing up for the game. Rednecks are bad enough; rednecks with alcohol in them (at noon) and a football game just around the corner are enough to make me whig out.

We got back to the room, ate some leftover italian food and then went down to Threadgills to see the Resentments play. We don't know the band, but the bass player plays with Bob Schneider, and we love him, so thought they might be pretty good. We also went to the library and used their computers to look up the band. Judging by their site and reviews, we figured it'd be fun. But the show, which was outdoors, was cancelled due to rain. In central Texas. In September. Funny. At least we got to swim.

So we went back to the room, curled up in bed and watched cable.

Saturday we were up and out at noon, and immediately headed to the airport to see if we could get an earlier flight out since our flight wasn't due to leave until 4:30pm and I just could not wait around that long. We got on the earlier flight to Dallas, but ended up leaving Dallas only 30 minutes before our original flight would have left. Oh well.

And how nice it was to get home! I love Seattle. I love my neighborhood. I love all the kitties that rushed down the sidewalk to meet me as I took my morning walk on Sunday. I don't know why I keep thinking I want to leave this place.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many of us wonder why!

2:11 PM  
Blogger The Hamilton's said...

Very nice pictures! The B&B looked awesome. As far as why you ever think you want to leave Seattle, I'm betting it is because of your strong family ties. ;-)

9:42 AM  

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