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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I sent an email to the "Bumper to Bumper" section of Seattle Times about month ago. You write in with questions about traffic stuff and they answer it.

My question was published this past weekend.

Bumper to Bumper
By Susan Gilmore
Seattle Times staff reporter

Q: Raechelle Marsh of Seattle writes, asking if the second-left lane on Ninth Avenue in Seattle is allowed to turn left onto Broad Street. "I drive that way to work, coming down Westlake, onto Ninth, and then turn left onto Broad at the light from the far-left lane. I usually get into the right-hand lane on Broad Street as soon as I can as I turn into the parking lot at Terry Avenue. Occasionally I have a car next to me in the second-left lane that turns with me. We nearly touch because I'm not expecting them to turn too. The sign that hangs above that intersection states that the two left lanes turn, but I thought that was for the Mercer intersection."

A: According to Wayne Wentz, director of traffic management for the Seattle Department of Transportation, "at this location, left turns can only be made from the left-hand lane. Vehicles from this lane can either turn left or proceed straight through the light. The lane just to the right of this lane is a through-only lane. To make this clearer to drivers, we will paint directional arrows in the lanes.
"I'd like to remind all drivers that when making a left turn in any location, turn into the leftmost lane of the direction of traffic, and make any desired lane changes after completing the turn."

This morning, I noticed the new arrows painted on the road :-)

I am....The Squeeky Wheel.

I'm also *this* close to getting the morning shuttle driver (who badgers the riders daily, so now we don't ride anymore) replaced. I need to follow up on that.

Don't mess with me.
I mean it.


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