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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Weekend Update

So last weekend turned into a busy one after all.

Friday, I walked with my buddy after work, then Steve and I ended up walking down to Market St to have dinner and then on to Lock & Keel to play pool. I kicked butt. I almost kicked the butt of a regular Boston dude there who always whips up on me. Not this time. He beat me, but even he admitted he was alittle nervous there for a minute. Ha!

Saturday, we slept in, then I got up and made breakfast. I even attempted to make hashbrowns, which actually turned into a mushy pile of burnt-on-the-outside-raw-on-the-inside shredded potatoes. Steve still ate them. He's a good boyfriend.

Then I washed my car, went to the grocery store and picked up a little while Steve waited for our new mattress to be delivered. We've slept on it 3 nights now and I think it may work out. The first night it felt hard and hot. But it's gotten better and better each night. I think Steve is still unsure. It will take some time.

That afternoon, Steve's brother and family came by to visit. His brother's long lost daughter was visiting so they were showing her around Ballard and just popped in to say hi.

That evening, I made, get this, Gingered Greens with Broiled Tofu and Coconut Basmati rice with Raisins. It looked like something only our friends could make! Not too shabby. And not too difficult.

Sunday, we got up and headed up north, first, for Steve to look at a motorcycle he was thinking of buying (but it turned out to be smaller than what he thought) then on to his brother's to spend the day with the Millers. Steve's parents were there and we played croquet in the backyard. I can see why the game was so popular back before tv and computers. Four hours to play a round of croquet. Shoot me. Steve and his dad made it fun - they were way ahead of the rest of us. And his dad, it appeared, thrived on knocking the other balls out of the way. So Marcia, Don's wife, and I chatted about recipes and who was doing which holiday dinner this year. Now that Steve's sister and family is in Eugene, OR, they'll be up (we're hoping) for thanksgiving and christmas, so there's more people to plan for.

After croquet, or after the women quit the game midway through to go start dinner, we had an authentic thai dinner. Don's daughter, just got back from spending a year in Thailand on an exchange program. I couldn't tell you what she made us, but it was yummy. And then we had a homemade blueberry pie for dessert.

That night, Steve and I were supposed to go downtown to see Adam+Kris play, but we chose to spend the evening with the family , so we came home and crashed. It was a nice early evening. Oh, shopped after work. Didn't buy anything. Fought with MS Money all that night, trying to get the balance in Money and the balance in the bank to match. Money is miscalculating or something because the numbers are waaaaay off. It just stresses me out to even enter my receipts anymore.

And that brings us up to today!


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