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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Riding: Day 1

Oh, the emotions today!
Frustration, anger, glee, fear, trepidation, longing (to be anywhere but there) and satisfaction, not in that order.

I was down in Kent at 7:15am, after stopping at Starbucks to get a big ass latte. We first sat on the bikes and walked them around before we even turned them on (which is an awesome workout for your thighs, by the way). Then we started the bikes up, coasted while putting our feet on the pegs, then finally used the throttle to actually go forward. We weaved in and out of cones (well, the other students weaved, I mearly ran over every single one of them because I could not bring myself to actually turn and lean the bike), we took sharp turns (well, the students took the sharp turns, I went so wide I was almost off of the course) and finally shifted into second gear. Which I could actually do. Hooray. We got sunburned and it was exhausting.

We took lunch around 12:30 and headed back to the classroom. We read though more of the book and watched more videos. We took our written exam and I missed 2 out of 50 questions, scoring a 96! Tomorrow is the driving test. I say Ha. I'm not seeing me pass that. But stranger things have happened, huh?

If I don't pass tomorrow, I have 30 days to go back and try again, free of charge. Which is probably what I'll do because I'm just not grabbing the concept as well as I thought I would. I can shift, but that throttle is pain to keep steady so I'm constantly lurging forward. I can't bring myself to actually turn and lean the bike because I am scared to death of falling over. Yet everyone assures me that will not happen. I just need more time to practice. And Katie and I are both extremely frustrated with the instructor. Same dufus as Thursday night. We learned more from the 2 hours we spent with Jesse and Steve last night.

But I'll go back tomorrow and take the test and see what happens. Only 7 more hours....


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