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Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Blog

So, I've started a new blog. It didn't seem right to keep this one going when so much has changed. Life is different now. The blog should be, too.

I present:
(My New) Life Out Here

Monday, July 02, 2007

Small Hiatus

Greetings dear reader.
Just a quick note to let you know that I won't be posting for a little while. Life here in Seattle has gotten a bit complicated and disorganized, so I'd like to wait until I'm in a happier place to update you all.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the blogroll to the left of the screen. These blogs should keep you occupied until I get back.

Until then........

Thursday, June 28, 2007

All Kinds of Random

One of my co-workers called me a "sophisticated broad" today. I was touched. I'm wearing my pearls. Boys like the pearls.

I don't own a belt. And I could really use one today. My Target slacks are literally falling off of me. The scale says I am now 10 lbs lighter than I was on June 9th. I can't really tell, but apparently my pants can. I'm actually feeling much better, I just can't eat much at all. If I do, I get that lump in my throat and I regret even eating at all. So lunch today is one piece of pizza and a quarter of a Pagliacci salad. I haven't had any chocolate from the work candy dish, or even a donut, even though they're appearing in our kitchen almost daily this week. There were smores at the solstice party and I passed on those. SMORES! Crap.

The bbq Monday night was nice. Just sitting around, eating (very little) and chatting with friends. Home by 10:30 and in bed early. Good stuff.

Tuesday I went for a walk, finally. It was just a beautiful day. I stood at Sunset Park and looked out at the Olympic Mountains and the water. Everyone's roses are blooming so of course I had to stop and smell them all. It's much like the used cd bin at Sonic Boom. I can't just glance at one or two to see what they have. Once I look at a few, I'm sucked in and have to look at every single one. A small part of my neurosis.

Yesterday, I came in early and left early so I could meet up with Daniela and Jonah. He's getting so big! They're coming over tonight for dinner, along with Kim-n-Tim, so I'll get pictures for you. We hung out at Discovery Park for a bit, then grabbed some food and took it back to the house. Where Steve was cleaning for me :-) I'll leave work early today and go by the grocery store, then make veggie enchiladas for dinner, which I'm sure I won't eat very much of. Dammit.

And I'm moving into my new office tomorrow. I won't have to share with anyone and I'll be right across the hall from my boss, instead of across the entire floor. I was stressing because the room I'm moving into still hasn't been patched or painted, but I just got word that's happening tonight. So I should be good and stoned come tomorrow afternoon.

We have a busy weekend lined up:
Friday is Cyn's housewarming party, then the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Musical at midnight at a theater. It's my equivalent of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I think. I've never seen that. But I hear I should.

And then Saturday. For Steve's birthday, I bought us tickets to a local radio stations :20 Festival (they play a comedy routine at 7:20am and 5:20pm each day). The Flight of the Conchords are headlining and they're freakin' hysterical. I turned Steve onto them. I can't wait.

Then we have next week, which is a short week with a holiday right smack dab in the middle. I hate that. But I guess I shouldn't complain. A no work day is still a no work day, right?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Update

So let's last post was on Solstice.
So Friday, Steve went to Port Townsend to be rock star. Or, folk star. One of our buddies came over and kept me company. We played dirty Scrabble. Just like regular Scrabble, but you can only use dirty words. The game took forever. Apparently, I'm not as raunchy as I thought. And some of those words aren't in our dictionary so there was a lot of challenging.

Saturday, felt like utter shit. Sorry ma & pa - there's no other way to sum it up. I was up at 6am. I waited until 8:30am to call Kim and whine that I needed a mommy. She told me to come over and she sent her hubby out for soup. I hung out there for a while, then headed back home and back to bed. Steve got home that afternoon and we just snoozed until it was time to go to Mickey P's solstice party.

Which would have been a lot more fun if I had felt better. I spent the night nursing a coke and sitting by the firepit in his back yard, wrapped up in a fleece blanket because it was so cold. I made it until 1:30am then, after finding someone to take Steve home because he was dancin' his booty off with the ladies, I left.

And Sunday, I stayed home while Steve went to a late Father's Day brunch with the Millers. I woke up when the alarm went off, but the thought of food made my stomach turn. When he got home, we spent a lazy somewhat rainy/sunny day watching the tube. I was actually starting to feel much better.

And today, I feel fine. Just fine. I've still been eating very lightly, but I think the bug has passed (no pun intended). Tonight, we're headed to a bbq at a friend's. She's leaving to travel around Europe for a few months. It amazes me that people can do that. How do they save up that kind of money? How are her bills going to get paid while she's gone? I need to figure out how to do this.....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Solstice!

Today is the summer solstice - the longest day of the year.
But there are other meanings too.
(It's just a coincidence that article was written by Rae. Funny.)

When I first moved to Seattle, I lived with my sister on a houseboat at Gas Works park. I had moved out by the time the summer solstice rolled around, but I must have been visiting because that night we heard drumming and chanting from the park. The pagans were doin' their thang. It was then it hit me. I ain't in Texas no more....

The sun rose at 5:11am this morning, and will set at 9:11pm this evening. Which means I won't be able to fall asleep until well after 11pm, since it will be light until after 10pm. Compare that with Houston - the sun rose at 6:20am and will set at 8:24pm this evening.

I'm all about stats......

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mid Week Update

So, I'm bussing it again. Which is good for me, both physically and mentally. The walk helps wake me up (and will hopefully help me maintain my new weight! Seven pounds lighter since Steve's party!) and I forget how nice that is when I drive in. But hopefully I will get Ruby back tomorrow. It's our one year anniversary.

My belly is much better (seven whole pounds lighter!) but However, not off enough to slow me down. (See next paragraph)

Last night, Steve and I (along with a buddy) went to the Dubliner Pub in Fremont to support a local patron whose doggie recently had surgery. I don't know the patron, but I thought, that's a good reason to have a drink. We put some money in the donation cup and raised our glasses to Rhonda, the dog. Poor thing.

Tonight I'll be cleaning for Lisa. I think maybe I'll go grocery shopping tomorrow. Then Friday evening, Steve will be going to Port Townsend for a show. I'm skipping that trip. I can't take the day off from work and I don't want to have to hurry to the ferry in rush hour traffic. It's also a lot cheaper if I don't go - Don and Steve can carpool and only take one car. So, I need to find some trouble to get into while my man's gone....hee hee. Just kidding.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Solstice Parade

Well the Solstice Parade and Fair has come and gone.

I made it down there just as the parade started, but it took me a half an hour to figure out how to cross the street to get to Sean and Shaun. Luckily, there was a hold up in the parade and some dead space, so I darted across the road and had a comfy little seat with friends.

But these seats had a much better view of the parade:

After the parade, the Sheauns and I headed to a pub for a drink. Despite my gastrointestinitis, my jack-n-coke stayed down just fine. I think it's just what the ol' gut needed.

After drinks, we slowly wandered to find the Waterfront Stage, where ThorNton Creek was getting ready to play.

That's my bass player there on the right......

After the TC show, we hit the beer garden with Cyn and A~ and a couple of their friends. Then onto a bar where A~ was bartending that evening. The Solstice Party was put off until next weekend as too many people said it would make for a long, long day.

So our evening was over around 9pm. Which was just fine. We went to bed early and I slept until noon today. Just what I needed.

And we vegged all day today while we watched golf on TV. Baffling, I know. But I actually got into it. And I've never really paid attention to him before, but holy geez that boy is buff. Whew. I think I love golf now.

Oh! And Daniela called!! They're coming into town next weekend, for the whole week! Yay!