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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Social Update

So let's see...
Last Thursday night, my walking buddy Karen and I went to see Asleep at the Wheel. I haven't listened to their music in a long time, but I really wanted to hear them and do some dancing. One of Karen's friends joined us and we kept him busy all night. It reminded me how much I love dancing and how I need to do it more often.

Friday, there was an after work get together for a co-worker who's leaving. I thought it would just be some drinks after work, but we didn't get home until midnight. I ended up sleeping until noon on Saturday. Guess I needed it.

Saturday afternoon, Steve and I went mattress shopping. The TempuPedic just isn't cutting it. Steve thinks it's comfortable, but it sleeps really hot. I don't think it's as comfortable as the infomercial lead me to believe. I don't feel as rested as I think I should in the morning (hense, sleeping until noon today). So we hit some stores and narrowed it down to a Simmons Beautyrest. Steve's going to do some research and maybe we'll get that one. And we're still within our 90 days so we'll send the TempuPedic back, hopefully, without difficulty.

Saturday night, we had dinner with D&S&J and hung out with them afterwards for a few hours. We left around 10pm, then went downtown to hear ThorNton Creek at their cd release party. We were very pooped by then, so we weren't the party animals that we normally are. We left right after they finished. No hangin' out to gab.

Sunday, I went out to my sister's to say goodbye. They're leaving...oh, today! for Florida. We just hung out, ate, packed, watched TV. She let me borrow her driveway so I could wash Ruby. She was very dusty from being in the garage while we were out of town.

Sunday evening, I appreciated my quiet, child-less house. I really don't know how Wendy does it with three boys. I would have been institutionalized by now.

And then last night, our friend had some people over for a bbq at her new place. Very cute little duplex. And apparently the neighboring duplexes are haunted. Her neighbors are her friends, so they came over and were telling us about their bathroom trash can being on it's side four days in a row when they came home from work - and they have no pets. He would hear footsteps upstairs and think she was home, but no. Once, after about 6 months, they just said "We know you're here" aloud, all the weirdness stopped. The ghost just needed to be acknowledged. The house on the other side of them, however, doesn't have such friendly ghosts. They said tenants don't stay for more than a couple of months, and they move out quite abruptly. The couple goes to bed and all seems normal. The couple gets up to go to work, and suddenly the house next door is vacant. They've heard that there are men's voices, fighting, in the basement and women who just float along. I'd be okay with the friendly ghosts. I think the angry ones would make me move too.

And now we're up to today. I get to leave at 3pm because I was here early for our monthly 7am staff meeting. I'm tossing around the idea of getting a massage after work. My neck and back are hurting. Or maybe I'll just use that as an excuse to lay around tonight on the heating pad and beg Steve to make me dinner. I'll have to think about it.

Tomorrow I'm walking with Daniela. Thursday I'm walking with Karen. Saturday is a big going away (*sniff*) D&S party and Sunday evening is a beach burn. I look forward to those, until fire gets going and you get smoke up your nose and in your eyes. Then it's not so fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you had 3 boys (or any kids for that matter), you wouldn't feel like you needed to be institutionalized. Well, most of the time. It's mostly other people's kids that do that to you. God gives you patience when you have kids - I believe that! We were fine when our kids were little. Now it's a little harder! Where did my patience and tolerance go? Hopefully it will come back when I have grandkids! ;>) And I don't want any ghosts in my house, good or bad, thank you very much. That stuff creeps me out.

4:38 AM  

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