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Friday, June 30, 2006

Computer Update

Since I last wrote, I have installed two different software programs to import my Quicken data into and both have not worked. Well, one worked, but wouldn't allow you to manage more than one account. I have three I manage. So I finally decided I was just going to suck it up and buy Microsoft Money because I know it will import my Quicken data and I know it can handle more than one account.

Then Steve found Money on eBay for $.99. Plus $4.00 shipping. He's helpful that way.

I did try to burn some cds last night, but the computer froze up, I got mad and just ended up going to bed. My life was much less stressful before I used computers. Between work and home, I waste way too much of my life on the damn things.

However, if I didn't use them, you wouldn't be reading this right now and you'd have no idea what was going on with me and our long distance phone bills would be outrageous. So it's a double edge sword, huh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may already have Money on your computer. It comes bundled with Windows.


11:13 AM  

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