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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Weekend!

So, on to better topics....

My weekend was fabulous.
Saturday was the Solstice Parade and Fremont Fair. I met up with a girlfriend around 9:30am to stake out a spot along the parade route. If you don't get there early, you can't see anything because the crowds are so deep. The parade is just....magical. It's always overcast and threatening rain, but as soon as the parade starts, the clouds open up and the sun comes out and it's just beautiful.

After the parade, Steve and I went back home to rest up for a bbq at 5pm and then a party at 9pm. Long day, but fun and festive!

Sunday, we went out to Steve's folks for Father's Day. We had ice cream and cookies. And that was dinner. Sometimes you just gotta splurge.

And then Sunday night was spent being domestic.

And since my car is on the fritz, I rode the bus this morning! All by myself!! I had to walk about a half a mile from the stop to work once I got off, but now I don't have to go for a walk tonight! I had to be here for a 7am staff meeting (we do this once a month) and I didn't know how long the bus would take, so I ended up getting here at 6:30am. And man, I am pooped now.

So tonight, car shopping. That may be the next few nights. I need to figure out something soon. We're going out of town this weekend (Lopez Island) and we were going to take my car.......


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