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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Recording/Street Fair/Icky Tummy/Texas

We recorded our song Friday night. Quite an experience.
We got there around 6:30pm, got home around 1:30am. One song. There was a lot of standing around while the engineer and producer figured out the mixes and worked out the headphones - the drummer needed a click track to play to, but we didn't want to hear that cause my head would explode. Steve and I were tucked away in different rooms, but he could see Don and Mark, who were in the big room together. I was in another room with no windows. Very lonely. But we could all hear each other in our headphones.

Don and Mark.

This is the only photo we have of me singing. Very professional, huh?

I love this photo.
Rock stars like Twizzlers.

The actual mixing and polishing of the the song will take a few weeks, but I'll be sure to let you know when it's ready.

Saturday, Steve and I took the bus down to the University Street Fair. ThorNton Creek was playing at noon, so we watched them and hung out the family. We walked around for a while - it was just beautiful out - but it was too crowded to really see anything. So we headed to Mark's for a get-together. He has a bunch of musician friends, so it turned into a jam fest in the living room. I'm not good at "jamming". I'm not that spontaneous. But I did okay and sang a song or two. I talked to one of the guys about maybe singing with his band. They do jazzy/bluesy stuff and were just talking about getting a vocalist for a few songs. They have gigs about once a month so it wouldn't be a frequent thing. He said he'll talk it over with his band and see what they think.

That night we got together with a couple of friends and played Scrabble. Quiet evening.

Sunday, my stomach hurt for most of the day so I was slow moving. I think I overdosed on cake and ice cream on Saturday. Add white wine to that and my tummy was not happy at all. Yes, I've learned my lesson. I did make it to Eddie Bauer to return some jeans and then to Fred Meyer, mostly to look at all of the pretty picnic wear. I love that crap.

Sunday evening we went over to D&S's and ordered in thai food. Again, a quiet evening.

And then last night, Steve and I had dinner at Ray's (I had a hankerin' for fish) then went down to the beach. It was a beautiful evening. It had rained earlier so there were still some dark clouds, but not too chilly and we could see the sun go behind the Olympic Mountains. We saw lots of crab carnage and anemonnenennes....however you spell them. Little water creatures that look like little Werther's Originals. There's a little wet land area at the end of the beach where we stood and watched the ducks swim around and a nutria gather plants....something tails. I can't remember. Anyway, he would swim across the little pond and grab one of those, then swim back. We lost track of him.

The smell of the water and the plants reminded me of West Virgina and Granny's creek. I got a bit sad. Mom and Dad will be in WV the week of July 4th. It didn't occur to me soon enough to look for plane tickets to meet them there. Now they're over $400. However! Steve and I just bought tickets to Texas in September. Much cheaper when you plan 4 months in advance. We'll fly into Houston to stay with Mom and Dad for a night or two, then we'll all go out to The River to visit Bobby & Mary and play in the river for a couple of days (no, I don't know which river. The one west of San Antonio....somewhere) then onto Austin for 3 days.

So at least we have one summer trip planned. It ain't Granny's though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's the Frio River and it's great. Mary & Bobby also have a paddle board which is fun. And since you've taken swimming lessons, you should really enjoy it! The river is about 1/4th mile from their cabin, BUT, you don't have to walk since Mary has a 4-wheeler (the lazy man's way, or us old folks who can't walk it!).

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a paddle "board" - paddle boat!

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a nice trip planned, even though it ain't WV. Wouldn't it be great if we could work it out for all of us to be in WV at the same time for a reunion? Hmmm...maybe one day. If your mom and dad would hurry up and move there, we could stay at their place! ;>)

4:44 AM  

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