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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Late Update

I didn't tell you about my fabulous weekend, did I?

Friday night, we walked down to Sofrito Rico with Kim-n-Tim for dinner. I love that place! Afterward we came back to our place and just hung out, talked and had some wine. Well, I had wine. I don't know what the others were drinking.

Saturday was a lovely day. We tinkered around the house until 3ish, then went to a birthday party for a co-worker of Steve's then on to Steve's dad's barbershop show. Did I tell you he sings? I'm sure I have. Anyway, got home around 10:30 from that and just curled up and watched TV. It was nice to have an early, quiet night.

Sunday, we met up with the Miller clan at the BluWater at Greenlake for Mother's Day brunch. Everyone brought everyone flowers. Steve's aunt even gave me flowers, and said "You deserve them." Afterward, Steve and I went by Half Price Books and did a little shopping. I didn't realize I was so behind on my John Sandford books. He has this whole line of "Prey" books. There's 12 or 13 of them and I haven't read the latest two. So I got those, along with a book about Austin, and a couple of cds. Then we were just going to veg at home, maybe garden a little, maybe tinker with bikes. But our friend Sean called to see if we, along with our other friend Shaun, wanted to meet up at Greenlake and throw a fresbee around and grab some mexican food afterwards. It was a beautiful day to just lay on a blanket and read while the boys played. When they tired out, we went to Rositas for dinner.

Then Sean wasn't ready to quit being social so he invited us over to his place for cocktails on his new porch and to watch the sunset. Steve and I went home first, dropped off our leftovers, changed into warmer clothes (because by now the sun was starting to go down and regardless of how hot it is during the day, it's just flat out chilly when the sun's gone) and rode our bikes over to Sean's. It was a late night but worth it just to get out and enjoy the weather.

Monday, I walked Greenlake with Daniela & Jonah.
Tuesday, I saw Brandi Carlile at the Century Ballroom. She has an incredibly strong voice. She's young (23) and writes her own stuff and plays guitar. I didn't ask anyone to go with me because they would want to be social and chat and I just wanted So I went by myself. I learn alot when I see female singer/songwriters perform, including what not to do sometimes. Brandi didn't have any "what not to dos". That's a funny string of words.

And then last night, Wednesday, I lounged. My back and legs were aching from sitting on the hard, wooden chairs at the Brandi show so I laid on the heating pad for a while, then iced for a while. Watched Lost, which was just freakin' wonderful, I can't believe I didn't like that show last season, then went to bed at 10:30.

Tonight is rehearsal with The Band, then tomorrow is recording, from 6pm to midnight. Saturday is the University Street Fair and ThorNton Creek is playing at noon, so we'll go see them. Then a party later that afternoon, then maybe another party that night. Sunday may be an Ikea run with Kim. We haven't decided yet. Then a picnic with D&S&J.

I think that's all for the weekend. Hard to believe anyone ever called me "lazy", huh?

Mattress update:
We're still not completely 100% sold yet. It's been a week, and granted we don't pop as much and Steve coming to bed doesn't wake me up, I still am not sleeping soundly through the night. We still have, what? 83 days to decide.


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