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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Weekly Update

So sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I know some of you just live for this stuff.

Let's see....

Thursday, April 20
Went for a nice long walk with my walking buddy. I probably made something quick for dinner. Good TV night.

Friday, April 21
Bad day at work. Bad.
So Steve and I headed out to the Old Town Alehouse for dinner and on to the Lock & Keel for some pool. But first we stopped by Kim-n-Tim's for an impromptu gathering at their place before they moved on Sunday. After a homemade margarita, life was starting to look up. We only stayed for a little bit, then the next crew came in and we headed to the Old Town.

The Lock & Keel, as always, was a hoot. One of the pool tables had no lighting over it which just made it that more challenging. We met new people, they bought us drinks, we sucked at pool and were home at 1am. Just what I needed.

Saturday, April 22
We helped Kim-n-Tim move into their Brand New House! They bought the cutest house up the street. Not 4 blocks over, like they used to be, but still close by. And it was a beautiful day to move. Warm, sunny, nice breeze. We finished up around 4:30 and Kim ordered some pizzas. We re-energized, then met up with D&S (who's that, Dee?) at Rosita's Mexican Restaurant a few hours later. After dinner, Kim-n-Tim went back to their Brand New Home and Steve and I went home with D&S to have some wine and catch up. We hadn't hung out, just the 4 of us, in a very long time. And they're moving back to New York in August so we have to cram as much time in with them as we can.

Sunday, April 23
Another beautiful day in Seattle. Blue skies, warm and sunny. Steve and I got up around 10am and rode our bikes down to breakfast in Ballard. Afterwards we headed to Olsen's with every intention of finally buying our queen size Tempurpedic mattress, only to find that Olsen's is closed on Sundays. Just peachy. So we'll go back this Saturday. We took the long way home, then got the car and headed up to Swanson's Nursery to look at plants and begin the process of designing our patio garden. Last year we had lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, chives, cilantro, rosemary (which we still have), parsely and a few other things I can't think of right now. I think it will probably be about the same this year. But I want to add mint! Mojitos!

After Swanson's, we hit a couple of stores (Value Village and Recycled Cycles) then home to fix dinner. Salmon with a Jack Daniels and teriyaki glaze and pasta salad. Yummy! We then watched High Fidelity and went to bed.

Monday, April 24
Bad day at work. There have been alot of those recently. I'm trying to figure out what to do about that. I drug a co-worker out to lunch on the water (because it was soooo beautiful outside) so I could just get out of the office for a bit.

I skipped my last swimming lesson. I just wasn't in the mood to be social. So I played on the computer and went to bed early.

Tuesday, April 25
I went over to Daniela's. We went to Starbucks and had frappuccinos while we watched all of the healthy people run by at Greenlake. Another beautiful day. I think this may be the start of summer!

Tunafish sandwiches for dinner. In bed early.

Wednesday, April 26
Worst day of work to date. And it was Administrative Assistants day. Yippee. My boss threw a card and two little sample size bottles of lotion on my desk and said "Here. I forgot to give these to you earlier." My other 2 supervisors wrote wonderful things in the card that made me cry.

I had physical therapy after work and it oh boy hurt. The tendons in my inner thighs are so tight. So he worked on those and my hip and knee, because they've been hurting a little lately. He thinks it may be a lower back thing, or knot. By the time I left, I hated him and told him he was off of my christmas card list. He apologized profusely.

When I got home, I snoozed for a bit, then Steve got home and we went out for sushi. Home early. In bed by 10am.

Which brings us up to date.
Things are looking much better here at work. One of my supervisors took me out for lunch (to Rosita's - twice in 1 week! Yum) and we took our sweet time getting back. It always helps to get out of the office during the day. Today is a bit overcast, but still pretty warm and bright.

I am supposed to go walking tonight, but my knee, hip and now back are hurting, so I may just go home and laying on ice and heat tonight while I watch Will & Grace and My Name is Earl. Maybe I'll even ask Steve to make dinner. Or order a pizza.

I have a hair appointment tomorrow after work. I'm very excited. I'm thinkin' BIG CHANGE. This salon was noted as one of the top in Seattle and my appointment is with the owner. Very exciting.

The weekend is already shaping up to be very busy. Lock & Keel tomorrow night with our friends Katie & Jesse (I need to come up with something for their names....), a cocktail/birthday party on Saturday and I'm babysitting Jonah for a few hours Sunday night so D&S can go have dinner somewhere alone.

Who's exhausted!?

I should maybe do some work now....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haircut - what haircut?? You didn't say anything when we talked last night - must not have been a very drastic change. I need a picture.
Are you going to follow D&S to New York or somewhere in that vicinity? Julie's there too, you know - your 2 best friends. That should tell you something! (Don't you agree Dee??)

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there! Wow, I have alot to respond to - D&S = Daniela and Sergio. See, I do pay attention. And things always look up after a homemade margarita! Hope your work starts getting a little better - I got a nice lunch out and $100 for administrative professionals day - not too bad. I think it's so cool how you guys can ride your bikes places. Wish we could do that. Did you get a BIG CHANGE for your hair - if so, I need pictures too. And yes, Aunt Annie, I do agree - I could drive to New York to visit - just like if you'd move to WV, I could drive there!

6:03 AM  

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