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Monday, April 10, 2006

A Willows Lodge Birthday

My birthday is Friday. I took the day off.

(What a wonderful thing this blog is. I can post about what's going on to numerous people, which saves me the trouble of personally emailing everyone and trying to somehow slip in that the 14th is coming up. Now, it just looks like I'm casually chatting about my life.....sneaky, huh?)

Steve and I are going out to Woodinville Friday afternoon to tour one of the wineries then stay at the Willows Lodge*. I am very, very, very excited. It's just a beautiful place. They have stone fireplaces in every room and big ol' soaking tubs. There's a spa in the lodge, and you know how I love them spas..... And we're having dinner at the Barking Frog that evening. I will be sure to take pictures of the beautifulness for you.

(*If you really feel the need to send me a birthday present (gosh, you really shouldn't), a donation to the Willows Lodge Over Indulgent Birthday Fund would be very welcome. Mom can supply my address.)

I took Monday off, as well. With the party Saturday night and then Easter/Birthday festivities at Steve's parents' on Sunday, I'm going to need a day to recover. The birthday festivities are always fun - Steve's Dad and I have the same birthday. His folks always call me on the 14th and sing Happy Birthday (as does my brother, but he sings it in his Elvis voice) and I always forget to wish Larry a happy birthday when they're done. I've made a mental note this year though. I'm on it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No subtlety about you at all, is there?

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