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Monday, April 10, 2006

Happy Monday. Ack.

I had a pretty good weekend.
Friday - SUSHI!
Then our friend, Shaun, who just moved back from Boston, came over and hung out. Had some wine, played some guitar. Low key night.

Saturday - Bought a bed!
I bought a platform bed off of craigslist so Steve and I picked that up Saturday morning. It's not exactly what I wanted, but it's a standard platform frame that matches my nightstands and was only $50. How could I refuse? And I was having a hard time actually spending the money for the custom made bed. So this will suffice until I'm ready. And Steve can go ahead and buy the mattress now so we should be all squared away soon.

Since we had to drive to Standwood WA to get the bed (over an hour away) we doddled coming back and shopped up north. Goodwill, Value Village, the standards. Bought a bunch of DVD movies on sale at Best Buy. That's always fun.

Saturday night we picked up our friend Erin who is in town from Portland, met up with Shaun again on Capitol Hill and saw his new place. Very nice. Then walked to a neighborhood place and had dinner. The other Sean and some of his friends met up with us later.

Sunday - Girl Time!
Daniela and I had lunch at Ray's, overlooking the water at Shilshole, then got pedicures at Habitude (my toenails are now Hussy Red). Daniela and Sergio are going to be gone this weekend, so they won't be able to make it to my birthday party that Steve is throwing for me*. I wanted to be able to get some Daniela time in before they left.

(*Yes, Steve is throwing me a birthday party! Okay.....only because I asked him to. Sometimes you just have to be blunt. But I don't know much about it. It's at 8pm. That's all I know.)

After my Girly Day, I came home to an empty house as Steve went off to have some Boy Time with a buddy of his. I got into my jammies, cut a piece of chocolate cake, got some vanilla frozen yogurt and curled up to watch Dirty Dancing, one of the DVDs I bought on Saturday. And I am not ashamed! I can quote that whole movie forwards and backwards and it just seemed like the thing to do after a pedicure, ya know?

But then after looking at Jennifer Grey's tiny little bare stomach through half the movie, I'm back on Weight Watchers. I think I've actually gained weight since the hypnotizing. How does that happen? I'm not eating sweets very often, I don't munch throughout the day like I used to, and I walked 3 days last week. Man. And it's not the wine. I'm sure of it.

After Dirty Dancing, Steve came home and we watched the first season DVDs of Lost that my friend loaned me until 11:30pm. Slowly but surely getting caught up. I didn't watch last season too much because I wasn't hooked yet. Now I'm hooked and I'm missing some important information. We have 4 disks to go, I think.

Not many plans this week.
Swimming tonight. And now that's it's lighter out later, I'll ride my bike up. That's it until Friday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be sure to take movies with your new "birthday" movie cam!

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You and Kristin have alot in common! Dirty Dancing is one of her all-time favorite movies - the DVD was on her Christmas list this past year. And she buys things on craigslist too! And she's doing really well on weight watchers right now (did you read her blog?). You guys should email your progress to each other. And, of course, it's not the wine - I'm sure of it. ;>)

4:13 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

Dirty Dancing is not just one of my all time IS my all time fave. It never gets old to me. And we all know that wine (or any other type of alcohol) does not count on any diet. Especially Weight Watchers.

9:29 AM  

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