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Friday, March 24, 2006

Not much, but an update nonetheless.....

It's been a quiet week here in Raechelle-land.
Wednesday, I got my oil changed and my car aligned. Dropped a nice wad of cash that evening. Steve and I are going to Portland this weekend and it's too hard to fight with the steering wheel at 70 miles an hour. Probably not good for the tires either. And I don't think I've had my oil changed in months, so my car is very happy right now.

Last night, I finally got together with Daniela. We had to reschedule from Tuesday night. She's doing well. And little Jonah is sitting up and pulling himself up on your fingers so he can stand. Cutie-pie! Daniela got a job offer from a university in New Jersey. I'm quite sad about this. So of course, today I started looking on Craigslist for apartments and jobs in New Jersey. Steve and I visited our friends in Hoboken, NJ a couple of years ago, and I really liked Hoboken. It's kind of like Ballard, where you can walk to stuff and it's all very close, and if you want to go to New York, you just walk down to the train and take it in. I wouldn't want to be in New York anyway. I'm good with sticking to the outskirts. Not that I'm saying we're moving to New York, so you parents can just calm down. I'm just keeping myself occupied here at work.

Tonight, Jessica and I are meeting up after work for happy hour, after my doctor's appointment at 3:45. Nothing big, just routine stuff. Then Steve and I will leave early tomorrow to head to Portland. Our friends Adam + Kris are playing a show with Peter Wilde and Lewi Longmire. They're fun people. So we'll go to their show, stay the night with Adam and Kris then come back tomorrow. We may stop in Tacoma to see our friend Morgan for a bit. Yep, jam packed weekend. That means there probably won't be any updates until Monday. Maybe I'll have pictures. I'm still waiting for the pictures from the bachelorette weekend to be distributed. I need to follow up on that.

Geez, I even blog like an admin assistant. Ack.


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