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Monday, February 27, 2006

A Week's Worth of Updates

I know, I know. I've slacked. I need to get my computer at home upgraded so I can post as quickly at home as I can at work.

Let's see....when last you heard from me, I'd had a crappy day. Then came Wednesday.......

I can't remember what I did Wednesday. Huh.

I can't remember much about Thursday either. We did watch some of Dancing with the Stars. Stacy Keibler was just mesmerizing.

I thought I was going to have plans and Steve was going to have plans, but then my plans fell through and Steve forgot to make plans, so we were both home. When I thought Steve had plans, I decided to rent movies, order in and have some wine. I still did that but Steve joined me. We rented Elizabethtown because Patty Griffin has a small part in it. The movie sucked and Patty was in it for 1 quick passing scene. Totally not worth it. We also rented Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Bratt Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Very, very entertaining.

Slept in. Got going around 2pm. We went to lay on the TempuPedic mattress again, just to make sure it's the one we want. I'm sold, but I'm not sure if Steve is. Then we drove over to Dania in the U District to look at platform beds. We couldn't really agree on one. We stopped by another place on the way home where we found one we did agree on but it would be around $800. It's from a local company that custom makes beds. Beautiful, but expensive stuff. We only had a few minutes before the place closed so we couldn't really talk it out. We'll go back one evening and try again.

Saturday night we went to see Storm & The Balls play in Fremont. We didn't know that Fremont was having a little Mardi Gras party. Everyone was in costumes and masks. I had on my stiletto heeled, black boots and floor length, orange leather coat, so I blended just fine. It was very crowded but very fun. By the time Storm made it on, I was tired of standing so I worked my way over to the corner of the stage and sat down. No one seemed to mind, so I pulled myself up and sat indian style with my back against the wall the whole show. Steve stood beside me. It was a great way to watch the show. She's just awesome.

We got home around 2am. We ate something and went to bed. Animals, I tell ya.

I went off shopping on my own. I'm in charge of decorating for an upcoming bachelorette party this weekend so I had lots to do. We're all gathering Friday night and staying the weekend at the Bachelorette's house. We've got all kinds of games and food planned. Hopefully the update and photos Monday will be very entertaining.

And then last night Steve and I just stayed in and had soup and roasted garlic with rosemary bread for dinner. We had an invitation to go bowling, but I was too pooped to be out and about on a Sunday night.

So this is what it's like to get old, huh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep - that's what it's like to get old (other than the staying out 'til 2:00 am). That's still the "young" in you! And the really sad thing is - it doesn't get any better . . . . . .

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're not allowed to talk about "getting old" when you're only 30. We 40-somethings take offense. And do you really have a floor length orange leather coat??

4:00 AM  

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