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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bachelorette Weekend

Goodness, what a fun weekend!
But let me go back to Friday:

I stayed home from work because my back was still in a knot. So in between icing and heating, I made up some pretty programs for the weekend and finalized some plans by email.

Friday evening, around 5:30, I went over to Lisa's and met up with Julia & Katie. Lisa took a walk with her doggie, Parker and left us to start dinner and decorate. We put up balloons, I strung the feather boas around and we set up The Bar. Girls started arriving, we got in our jammies, had dinner, had many drinks and chatted. Katie gave us all pedicure kits and matching leopard slippers. Julia had purchased a Special Gift from the Erotic Bakery, and since I know there's a mixed group of people who read this, I'll just leave that to your imagination.

We hired a Tarot card reader, who arrived around 8pm. I had my cards read for the first time. Interesting. No fortunes were told, just confirming that the path I'm on is a-okay. There was a new beginnings card that popped up - I'm not sure what that could be. After the readings we did a special grains ritual (remember, I live in Seattle. It's like another country up here....). Michelle brought little baggies of different grains - quinoa, couscous, lentils, etc. She had a little jar with a stopper lid. Each of us choose a grain, and gave Lisa some words of wisdom, or just told her how much we loved her. Then we put our grains in the little jar, in layers, so Lisa would have something tangible to remember her weekend. It was very pretty. We cried.

We got up and make a big breakfast - tofu scramble with veggies, roasted potatoes, fruit salad and lots o'coffee. That afternoon, Lisa took us all to a paint-your-own-pottery place.

She bought six dessert plates for us to paint and then she'd have something from each of us that she could use on a regular basis (don't you just love my artsy friends?). I was extremely apprehensive. I told her this was like me taking her to a karoke bar and telling her to sing Patsy Cline. I was a bit out of my element. But I think I did okay - I'll post pictures when I get them back. Lisa also bought us all light switch plates to paint and keep in our house so we'd all have something from the weekend. The switch plate was much easier - blue with green dots. Wala!

Afterwards, some of us took a walk, some ran errands, then we met back up at Lisa's to get ready for.....

Saturday Night!

We all dolled up in our swanky outfits, complete with boas, and started the evening with a glass of wine while we waited for the two cabs to pick us up. Then off to dinner at Pasta Bella on Queen Anne.

There were 13 of total at dinner and boy did we make the little waiter Nick blush. He was a cutie. We gave Lisa her veil, which she proudly donned until I stole it from her at the end of the evening.

After dinner, we headed to Howl at the Moon, a piano bar where you request songs and they pull people up on stage and embarrass them.

I don't think Lisa ever got pulled up, but Katie had the fabulous idea of finding all of the cute guys (and, towards the end of the evening, some of the not so cute guys) to pose with Lisa for pictures. Very fun. We made lots of friends drank lots of cocktails.

I guess it was around one or so that Lisa had had enough fun, so we loaded up into two cabs again and headed home. Soon after, we were all asleep. Sorry boys, no tickle fights.

Carrie fixed a wonderful breakfast. Some corn and egg thing over tortillas and baked. I was hesitant (I don't much like corn and eggs in the morning) but it was wonderful. There were also chocolate chip banana walnut muffins and mimosas. Then Katie broke out the two foot soak tubs she had purchased.

We soaked our feet and gave ourselves pedicures, which was wonderful because I wore my black, stiletto heeled boots the night before and had been dancing up a storm. We played a few games, looked at all of the pictures from the night before (Katie's camera alone had 350, the maximum) and slowly parted for the day.

I got home around 3:30pm and had a scratchy throat and stuffed up nose, which I assumed was from the dog hair.

Oh, but no.
It's full on cold. Ug. I haven't slept through the night in four days.

So that was my weekend. I'll incorporate pictures when I get them from Katie & Lisa. I didn't take a camera because I'm not good at taking the time to get the pictures. And I wanted to take my new video camera, but then decided I didn't want to loose it or drop it or have it stolen. Sorry mom. I promise I'll use it soon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see my comment from yesterday is not posted! No idea why! I think I said your post reminded me of Tricia's bachelorette party weekend - Wine Fest on the Beach in Ocean City. And I think I said that your nose is stuffed up because you live in a damp city on the west coast and need to move to the east coast. Which, I already told you. ;>)

4:06 AM  

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