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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Power of Music

I broke down and bought a Coldplay cd. I hear them on the radio and like their stuff. I see Chris Martin, the lead singer, and Gwenny together and think, man, he's a cutie. But then, one day recently I heard their song "Fix You" on the radio. I was already in a very emotional state and this song just hit every button. I sat at my desk and cried. Just something about it. If you don't have the cd, ask the young people you know if they have it. I want you to hear this song. Know where I'm coming from. Even if you don't like the song, listen to it.

There's an Adam+Kris song that does the same thing - "Cross & Crown".
And everytime I hear Carbon Leaf's "What About Everything?". Especially the part - What about when buildings fall?

Music is a very powerful thing. I can barely sing the song I wrote called Daddy without crying. Actually, I wrote it for Tricia's wedding because she asked me to help her find a song to dance to with her dad. I couldn't think of one, so I just thought I'd write one for her. But then it morphed into being about my dad, so I never played it for her (next time I see you, Tricia). The end is:

He's the first one to give me away
The first one to toast us on our wedding day
And the first one to cry when they say husband and wife.....

Ack! I just bawl.
Man, I'm good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear the "Daddy" song! I love the one you wrote about mom - "June" - I love to sing it really, really loud in my van, but I usually can't make it all the way through. Man, you're good!

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't put the Coldplay CD in a computer. Bad juju.

4:53 PM  

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