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Thursday, February 09, 2006


I'm petering out on yoga.
I skipped last Thursday because I felt like crap. I went this past Tuesday and it was harder than the first day. The assistant was correcting me a lot..."make sure your knees don't point this way, open your hips a little more, keep that arm up over your head".....They tell you if you're overwhelmed or uncomfortable, go to child's pose . Boy howdy, did I spend a lot time in child's pose that evening.

When Jessica and I left, I said to her "I'm not having fun. Are you having fun?"


Then today, Jessica saw me in the hall and said, through maybe a tear or two, "I'm not up for yoga tonight." My first thought was, oh, she's having a crappy day. My second thought was, WOOHOO!! Thai food and Will & Grace tonight!! I'm so bad. Maybe I'll go for a walk this evening. That will balance it all out, right?

After yoga on Tuesday, Steve and I went to Conor Byrne to hear his brother's band, ThorNton Creek, play. I like them. Steve used to play bass for them (that's how we met) but doesn't anymore. We hoola-hooped at the show. And it's a freakin' workout! I said to Steve, "Screw yoga! Let's get some hoola-hoops!" I probably would have done better if I hadn't have had 2 glasses of wine. Now there's a picture for ya....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey girl - I'm with you on the yoga. I know it's good for you and you do burn some calories. But I never feel like I burn enough. I'm more of a cardio person - kickboxing is the best. If you're only going to do one thing - go with the brisk walk. Or better yet, the hoola hooping - I bet your burn alot of calories with that and it's fun!

4:53 AM  
Blogger The Hamilton's said...

I'm with you on doing ANYthing. ;-) I have had a hard time getting back into a routine of working out since Lacey was born. I love yoga and I've been trying to do some DVDs. It's sad to realize how weak I am when I do a good DVD!

12:19 PM  

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