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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Steve and I spent the day hitting the thrift stores.....Goodwill, Value Village, Ross & Marshalls. My shopping kharma was in full bloom!

I found these blue and tan shoes at Value Village.

I wasn't even looking for shoes, I was just killing time until Steve was done. I took them to him and said "Tell me that I don't need these. Tell me I have nothing to wear with them." He laughed and said I was talking to the wrong person. He's on a shoe kick and has bought six pairs in the last two months. And he thought these were very cool.

So I got the shoes. $5.

And this dress. Man.

Again, I was simply waiting for Steve to finish up at Ross. I found a few that were cute so I tried them on and had Steve outside the dressing room consulting me. This was was a winner. $20. How could I pass that up?! And I feel awesome in it! I'm thinking brown she-she flipflops with turquois flowers on them. Like a 60's cocktail party outfit. Fabulous!

Ah, and the infamous orange leather coat. I feel very tough when I wear it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dress is great, however, I think I could do without the shoes! I'm really glad you only paid $5 for them. I know, I know, my taste is not your taste . . . .

6:06 AM  

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