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Friday, March 31, 2006


Today is Aloha Friday at work. They do this every year. Normally it's a big welcome-to-summer kind of thing, but we couldn't wait this year. We need some heat!

I came in a 7am and brought my decorations from Steve's luau birthday I threw him a few years ago. Everyone got a lai and I put up a fake grass skirt with flowers along the reception desk. Very festive. Some of the techs are even making virgin pina colatas for us. Yummy.

My week has been busy. My dad would call me gasoline ass. I've just been running around.

Tuesday I had dinner with Jessica from work. We hit happy hour in Ballard a little late so we played catch up and ordered a couple of drinks before the hour was up, then hung out and ate. The next day I told her no more happy hours during the week. Ack. My Wednesday was horrible. I was tired and felt icky. My day felt sooo long. Well, it was since I didn't leave until a little after 6pm. I went home, made some dinner and went to bed.

And was rejuvenated on Thursday! Got here for a 7am meeting and even stopped and got bagels. Sometimes you have to bribe people to come to these early morning meetings. I wore my new shoes (see post from 3/11/06) with a new skirt, brown top and red sweater. I looked like a 70's school teacher. I was in meetings straight until 11am (I have to take notes on all of these meetings and type them up), had a two hour break, then at 1pm, I was right back in it.

Steve and I stayed in last night to watch Thursday night TV and ordered pizza. I was asleep by 10pm.

And tonight is happy hour with work folks at Luau. I've only been there once, a long time ago, but we thought we'd stick with the whole hawaiian theme. Then tomorrow I'm spending the day with my sister. Sunday we have dinner plans (finally) with Daniela & Sergio and Kim-n-Tim. Fun, but busy, weekend.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gasoline ass - now, that's funny! You should've worn your grass skirt instead of putting it on a desk! And - just curious - why is it always Kim-n-Tim? Is it because their names rhyme? Or is it because you only do things with them as a couple? Cause you don't do that with Daniela and Sergio. Only I would ask that question.

5:27 AM  

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