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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Birthday Update

I know you all have just been waiting with baited breath for a post about my birthday weekend. Sorry I don't have pictures yet, but hopefully I can add them tonight.

Friday, April 14th Daytime
I woke up at 8:30am while Steve was milling around the bedroom and immediately said "We need to call your dad!!" Steve called and luckily, his dad answered the phone. We sang happy birthday in a very out of tune and sleepy voice. We win! His folks were quite impressed, I could tell.

Five minutes later, they called back and sang to me.

Steve had a job interview at 10am (that went well, he'll hear back in a week). When he got home, we headed out to Woodinville. It's really not that long of a drive at all. But you feel like you're in a different part of the state when you're there. We checked into the Willows Lodge and headed up to our room.

Freakin' beautiful. Very luxurious.

We had about an hour before the tour at Columbia Winery started, so we headed across the way to the Barking Frog and had lunch. After that, we did the tour and got to see all of the barrels of wine and the little machine that fills the bottles, puts the corks in them and slaps the labels on them.

After the tour, we did a reserve tasting of the David Lake Series of Columbia Wines. My favorite. And apparently the hostess was sweet on Steve, or me, because she kept bringing over bottles that weren't on the reserve list for us to try. Good stuff. After an hour and a half, we excused ourselves from the bar, bought a half a case of wine (Hayball would be proud) and stumbled back to the lodge to rest up and change for dinner.


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