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Thursday, May 04, 2006


I still don't have a very good picture of the new hair. I'm working on it. Apparently it's not such a big change as only a couple people have even noticed that I got a haircut. It's above my shoulders and I don't have to put it up in a ponytail when I sleep, so it's a very big change for me.

After my haircut on Friday (at a very swanky salon, thank you very much) I met up with Steve, Katie & Jesse at the Lock & Keel. We had a drink, ate some food, then went back to Katie's to pet Barley, the bunny. Katie was pooped so it was an early night.

Saturday, Steve helped our friend Sean move. He bought a house. Who knew? We just got a call Thursday night that he bought a house. Very out-of-the-blue. So Steve helped him and I cleaned house. The weather just sucked. It rained hard all day and got really chilly. So much for our great spring weather we'd been having.

Saturday night we thought we had a party to go to. But after re-reading the Evite, I noticed the party was, in fact, on May 6. Crap. I called Sean to let him know because I knew he was rushing around trying to finish up moving so he could go. He was very relieved and invited us and another friend over for a leisurely evening of guitaring and drinking. Nice, quiet evening. Home at 1:30am.

Sunday, my back was not at all happy with me, so I laid on the heating pad and ice all day and watched movies. I was annoyed that I wasn't being productive in some way, but still a bit happy to have a day to just lounge. I was going to Jonah-sit, but Daniela called me to say I didn't need to. Bummer. I was looking forward to Jonah time. So I continued my lounging around until I went to bed at 11pm.

Work. Ug. My back still wasn't too happy with me, but after enough ibprofen, I made it through. Went home, back on the heating pad, painted my nails and watched TV. Didn't even bother with dinner.

Car problems. I made it home fine, then went to Goodwill. As I was sitting at a stoplight, my car just died. The radio was still on, but the engine just died. Huh. So I put it in park, and started it back up. No problem.

Made it to Goodwill and called Steve at work. I told him what happened and I was going to shop around until he got home, then I'd head home, in case anything happened then I could call him. He apparently saw that as a sign to shop so he came straight to Goodwill and followed me home. And yes, the car died again.

That evening, we played with recording equipment in our office. We recorded one of our songs, so we could give it to our drummer friend to practice to. We've set a date to record on May 19.

Left work early to go to Firestone and have my car diagnosed. Also went and got approved for a car loan from my bank in the event that the fix on the car would be worth more than the car itself. Which it almost was. The PCV valve is bad and needs to be replaced. That's only a $30 part. But labor is $27 and just having the guy diagnose the problem was $100. Ack. Plus he tells me my transmission needs flushed ($108) and something else, I can't remember what, needs to be flushed ($77). So, yes, I'm a bit frustrated. And my automatic seatbelt quit on my so the little latchy thing is stuck in the middle of the door (I've banged my head on it twice) so I can't wear my shoulder belt. I'm just waiting to get stopped for that one. I read online that that may just be a pinched cord, so I'll get all manly and take a look this weekend.

After Firestone, I had a physical therapy appointment. I think we actually made some headway. There was alot of poking and pulling, but it was all very professional. My physical therapist is a sweetie. I don't mind going every week, except for last week when he brought me to tears. But I've gotten over that. We talk about Lost most of the time. And his dog, who hangs out at the clinic on Wednesdays. She likes to be right under his feet and will push her way in the room if he closes the door on her. Yes, I have an okay time there.

So I have to go back by Firestone afterwork this evening and get this new valve put on, which I'm told will only take a couple of minutes. Nice, huh?

Then I'll go walk with my walking buddy, and then Steve and I are going to go buy plywood for our platform bed. No, we still haven't bought the mattress, but Steve assures me we will this Saturday. In between a brunch and the party that night. I guess we had enough quiet time last weekend.

Oh, and I'm wearing a skirt today.
I feel pretty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You only feel pretty when you wear a skirt??? And did you decide NOT to get a new car?
I'm sitting here listening to Jveer! I love that song . . . . (did I already say that? sorry).

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, let me make you feel better about your car woes. Kyle's care was leaking oil and acting really bad, so we had it worked on - I'm not good enough with cars to say what was wrong, but let me just say it cost me $800. Then we decided to go ahead and get my oil leak in my van taken care of since I'd been riding around leaking oil all over La Plata and Waldorf for a loooonnnngggg time! Of course, our mechanic guy also discovered that my rear brakes were shot and my front brakes were almost shot and he replaced every damn valve and seal on the van (can you tell we don't do very well with car maintenance?)to the tune of $1,600! But, that's about 3 car payments - not 5 years worth. I'm trying to get the van to last 2 more years for Kyle to finish at Salisbury. I don't think I can squeak out Kyle's rent, college tuition AND a new car payment! Plus,I like to keep my cars for as long as I can - it's sort of like a challenge (I had my last van for 10 years). And all the financial experts say that's what you're supposed to do. Who knows???? (Kyle's car is a 1994 Honda Accord with a little over 200,000 miles on it and mine is a 1997 Plymouth Voyager with 130,000 - see we do like to keep them). So, does that make you feel a little better about your car? I'm keeping my mechanic in business! ;>) Sorry, didn't mean to right a book!

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, let me correct my English. I said in my last comment - "didn't mean to right a book." What I meant was, "didn't mean to write a book." Ever notice how when you're typing, you do that? But when you read it back, you notice it right away???? Or am I the only one???

6:08 AM  

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