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Friday, May 12, 2006

This Week's Endorsement: Crest Whitestrips

Freakin' awesome. $25 and worth every penny.

My dentist, a family friend, suggested I whiten my teeth. He said being a singer, I should have a big, bright smile. And I drink a lot of coffee and red wine, so my teeth were yellow and dull. He made a mold of my teeth for the little trays and gave me the whitening stuff, but it was nasty. It would ooz out of the trays and I'd swallow it and it was just gross.

Then my co-worker buddy suggested Whitestrips. He said they made a difference on him. So I picked up a box 2 weeks ago.

You're supposed to use them twice a day, keeping them on for 30 minutes. The first day I only used them once and the second day twice. And I could already tell a difference. Steve couldn't help but notice, as I kept getting in his face and smiling really big. "See how white they're getting!?"

I dropped down to using them once a day because my gums are a tad sensative, which they say is normal and will go away when you stop using the strips. The strips also have the same junk on them as my dentist gave me, but there's portion control and it doesn't ooz like it did when I used the trays. It is kind of gross when you take the strips off. The goo just sticks to your teeth, but I take my toothbrush and just scrub it off. No biggie.

And look how white my teeth are now! Bring on the red wine!

(cue cheesy music....)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so warped! Doesn't take an awful lot to excite you, does it? But I'm really glad you found something that would whiten your teeth . . . . .

1:00 PM  

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