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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekend Update

First, Steve accepted a new job!
He had his pick as the 2 places he interviewed with last week wanted to hire him. It was a toss up between alot of money but so-so work or half the money and interesting, fun work. He went for the interesting, fun work. The place is just a few blocks from our house and will be much like freelancing, so he won't be working a set 8 hours a day in an office. I'm a smidge jealous. Just a smidge.

I had a very lovely weekend. Funny though - we weren't crazy busy like I thought we would be. Give me a short weekend and we're running around with our heads cut off. A long weekend - and we've actually got downtime. Weird.

Friday night we had dinner with our friends Lisa & Kelly and another friend Laurie. Lisa made a curry potato soup. I was scared....but it was actually very good. I made a chickpea salad to go with it. Chickpeas, cucumber, onion and red wine vinegar. Stinky, but good. After dinner, we went to Conor Byrne and saw a band play that Lisa liked. We didn't really listen to the band at all. We were too busy drinking and talking....quite loudly, I'm told.

Saturday, we slept in, then went to breakfast and then Goodwill Shopping. We hit the outlet, the big store downtown, then the little store by our house. I focused on T-shirts and casual stuff. I got a pair of jeans that I cut the bottoms off of so I can look hip and disheveled. Dude.

Saturday night we hung out with Sean and Shaun. Hmm, what can I call them? S&S? Sheaun squared? Anyway, we hung out at Shaun's place and watched a movie and played some music. I took my autoharp. I wasn't in a guitar mood. I can't play much on the autoharp, but if the song has a D, a G and a C in it, I can rock much as you can rock out on an autoharp.

Sunday, I slept late. Then went to Fred Meyer to get some cd books. I have too many cds and some are in cases on the shelf and some are in a book, some won't fit anywhere so they were just laying on the floor. Ack! My head was about to split, so I bought 3 big books and stuck them all in there. Talk about gratifying.

That night, I babysat Jonah. He was such a good boy. Much better than the episode in December when I watched him. We went for a walk, then ordered some thai food (he ate the brown rice) and watched Baby Einstein. He stared getting a little fussy around 9:30 so I grabbed a bottle and sat on D&S's bed while I rocked and fed him. He was asleep by 10. D&S got home at 10:30 and Daniela was shocked that he was already asleep. Apparently he had been up past midnight the past two nights (which probably helped him go to asleep so easily).

And! Sergio grabbed one of the computers in his office that was getting replaced for me! It's a super duper fast Pentium 4. Woohoo! Steve is working on getting it set up for me, but it may take a while. He has to move all of my files and my Quicken info manually, but when that puppy gets set up.....ooooh boy!!

Sunday, I had lunch with my sister and did some quick shopping. Did I mention she's moving to Florida? Yep, bought a house in Englewood, FL, sold her house in a week and will be leaving in mid-July. We Marshes are impulsive like that.

That evening we had a bbq with D&S & Kim-n-Tim. That's fun to type.
We grilled salmon, veggie kabobs, scallops and steak. It wasn't the greatest weather but we sat outside on their porch and ate since it wasn't raining at that particular moment.

And last night was very sad because I have to work today. Steve will make contact with his new company today and talk about some projects he'll working on. I think it will be a quiet week. I have plans to walk Greenlake with Daniela on Wednesday and walk with my walking buddy on Thursday, but that's about it for now. I am so glad it's a short work week. I've been here less than 7 hours and I'm already ready to pitch a fit.

As my officemate says, to calm me down, "Serenity now!"


Blogger Marc Gunn said...

Keep Rocking on that autoharp! Where there's a will, there's a way.

- Marc Gunn Autoharp Music Tips

1:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't Aunt Jeannie play the autoharp??? And you had down time because it was a long weekend. Three-day weekends rock! We're the same way - rushing around all weekend long and then you feel like you didn't even have a weekend! I'm all for 4 day work weeks and 3 day weekends.

4:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that you picked up the autoharp! Is that the first time in probably - let's see - how many years??? And yes, Dee, Aunt Jeannie does play the autoharp; she's also the one who gave one to Binky for Christmas one year (or rather, she had Charlie rebuild one and sent it to me and I gave it to Bink - been too long to remember!). Anyway, I'm very glad you do pick it up occasionally (and Aunt Jeannie would be too).

9:10 AM  
Blogger Raechelle said...

You know....I am ALL about signs. I pay attention.

Marc Gunn, the gentleman who left a comment, is a musician in Austin.

How's that for a sign?

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, what's the sign saying? That you should move to Austin?

And I forgot to say congrats to Steve on the new job! Maybe somebody will be doing something for a living that they like! What a concept.

4:08 AM  

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