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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yoga Part II

Steve and I took a yoga class together last night.
Kicked our butts. My arms and back are sore today. And while I liked the positions, the slowness of the class and location (5 minutes away), I did not care for the instructor. She kept using the words "inhalation" and "exhalation". Steve said they're real words, but I'm not buying it. It was distracting. And she was a little too into the "Open your soul to the love around you and feel it's power" kinda crap. I just wanna get fit, not have a spiritual revelation.

Maybe I'm just cranky today....

And then there was the Lost finale. Holy geez, that's a good show.

I'm going over to Kim-n-Tim's tonight to watch the Will & Grace finale. We were practicing last Thursday when it aired, so Kim was nice enough to tape it for me. It's okay that it ended - it jumped the shark when Grace married Leo. It was all downhill from there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inhalation and exhalation are real words.

But, I'm with you - just give me a good workout.

And yes, Lost is a good show. No, an awesome show!

4:14 AM  

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