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Monday, June 05, 2006

Quick Update

I kept expecting to be able to blog from home, now that I have this nifty new computer, but getting it set up as been a major, major pain in the ass. Transferring everything over, re-installing programs, trying to find cheap MS Office software so I can open my Word docs. But then I learned of free programs that do the same thing, so I just went ahead and downloaded them (thank you, Don) so that part is done. But now I have to find a free (or cheap) program that will let me import my Quicken files because that's my checkbook register. And the latest version of Quicken won't accept earlier versions of their own files. Nice, huh?

So now everytime I go into our office to work on my computer I see 2 harddrives because I can't get rid of the old one yet since it has my checkbook register on it, and 2 keyboards and 2 mice (one for each harddrive because they're both hooked up to my monitor so I can access what's on each of them) and cords everywhere and ACK!! It just stresses me out to even look at it all.

Last week was okay. Can't remember anything important that happened that I need to share. I remember going home and sleeping after work a couple of days.

Weekend was good. Drinks at Rays with Sean on Friday night. Then we went over and bugged a friend who was too tired to come out with us. Saturday, Steve and I did domestic stuff around the house. Well, he did. I ran around trying to find a birthday present and a cake for Tim's birthday bbq that night. Kim asked me to pick up a cake so Tim wouldn't get suspicious. She said she didn't want to trouble me, but I said "Are you kidding me?! You've given me the task of shopping all day for a dessert?! My god, that's a fabulous day for me!!"

The bbq was fun. D&S&J were there, along with some other people we've met through Kim-n-Tim. It was an early night and I zonked out as soon as I got home. Steve got home a little later. He's a party animal.

Sunday, we went and bought new cordless phones. Fun stuff. Our other phones were old, hand me downs and unfortunately, took the brunt of our anger when on hold or stuck in automated hell. So they had had enough. We promised to be kinder to these new phones. They have intercoms, speaker phones and a built in answering machine (thus, saving us $8 a month that we have been paying for voicemail). Very exciting stuff.

Then last night we had dinner with Kelly & Lisa and played a little Dance Dance Revolution afterwards. If you don't know what that is, I know you've seen it on TV. It's a video game and you jump around on these pads to the rhythm of a song and you rack up points. Well, Kelly, Lisa and Steve rack up points. It's hard to believe I used to teach dancing. I have no rhythm with this thing. I look like your typical little white girl, legs flailing all over the place and saying "Crap!" over and over. I suck.

And then I got sick. Apparently chowder and Dance Dance Revolution do not mix. Steve and I left very abruptly and went home so I could suffer in the comfort of my own bathroom. And goodness, the heartburn today.

Tonight I have a manicure appointment (because I had a crappy day and a manicure always makes me feel better) and then will make a (bland) pizza for dinner. And will probably be in bed very early.

I'll also try and post some photos tonight. I got some pictures from Lisa's bachelorette party in March and a couple of them are very cute. And it's been a while since I've put up any pictures at all, so I'll see what else I have.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never played Dance Dance Revolution - sounds fun! Kristin has us hooked now on Karaoke Revolution for Play Station 2. It's sooooo addicting and lot's of fun! Of course, you'd probably be like Kristin and win all the time. Sometimes we have to kick her off so we can have a chance to sing. It would be fun to have you and Kristin competing!

4:12 AM  

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