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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lopez Island

My goodness, what a wonderful weekend.
Despite the fact that Steve and I were up at 5am on Saturday so we could be on the road to the Anacortes ferry by 6am. Ack.

So this is what I do when I'm in the car and have time to kill. My headset was the best $15 I ever spent. I was talking to Mom. The boys thought I was funny so they took a picture.

We arrived at the cabin early, around 11am, so we headed to Lopez Village to have lunch and toodle around. We got some groceries then headed back around 2pm. The rest of the day was spent on blankets out on the grass, soaking up the rays.....with our SPF 15 and 30 on because we pale Seattle-lites burn quite easily.

That evening we grilled out - steak, fish and chicken, asparagus, corn on the cob, salad and wine. Well, I had wine. The boys stuck with beer. That's fine. More for me.

Sunday, we got up and made breakfast, the we rode our bikes from Lopez Village to Oldin Park then back to the Village. Number 2 on the map is where the Village is, Oldin Park is beside number 1. Our cabin was further south, right at County Dock and Boat Launch. The island is only about 20 miles tip to tip, but it's got some hills to biking was difficult for those of us that are out of shape. Shaun D, who is training for the STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride took off on his own so he could get in his 60 miles for the weekend. After the bike ride, we rewarded ourselves with ice cream.

That evening, after resting up at the cabin and snoozing a little, we treated ourselves to a pricey dinner at the Lopez Islander Resort restaurant, then to drinks and pool at The Galley. Once we got home, we broke out the guitars for a drunken version of Guitar Night. Actually, Shaun and I broke out the guitars. Sean slept and Steve (the sober one of the group) videotaped the spectacle.

Monday, we had to be out by 11am, so we got up, packed up and headed into town for breakfast. We made the 2pm ferry, and Steve and I were home by 5pm.

The weather was incredible. Not a cloud in the sky for three days. It was in the high 80s all weekend - it actually hit 90 on Monday - but we had a nice breeze since our cabin was on the water. We stared at Mount Baker from the back yard.

We watched tiny little crabs scamper around and bully smaller crabs so they could have their rocks to hide under. We saw tiny little fish dart around. Steve thinks they were catfish. I'm not sure what they were. And when we came home at 1am on Sunday night/Monday morning, there were deer hanging out in the yard. I was processing my fourth margarita at that time, so I don't remember actually seeing the deer, but there was a lot of talk about it the next day. And as I was packing up the car Monday afternoon, a deer just casually strolled across the yard and hung out.

Here are some pictures that aren't mine, but they show how "country" the island is. I'm not good at dragging a camera along, but I got some shots.

And Ruby did just wonderful. Steve was nervous about putting the bikes in the back, even though he laid a tarp down, but I told him, it's a car. That's what it's for. Don't worry about it. She's dusty, but she's still in tact. I'll have to take her through a spray car wash this evening and freshen her up. Here are some daylight shots (in line at the ferry).


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