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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cheap Plug for a Friend.....Kinda

So our friend who really isn't our friend, but we've seen her in concert so many times we just call her our friend and we've chatted with her bass player at length over drinks, so we kinda know her, Storm Large, will be on "Rock Star: SuperNova" this Wednesday. It's one of those reality shows where a band needs a new lead singer so they're auditioning people on television. And we need *you* to watch and support her!

I've written about Storm in previous posts. She is an amazing singer from Portland who fronts a band of three guys - bass player, drummer and keyboards. She sings Iron Maiden to lounge-style music and can turn The Star Spangled Banner in a funky opera-like performance. I love her. And Steve loves her because she's 6 feet tall and doesn't like to wear underthings. She's very comfortable with her body. As well she should be.

Anywho, try to check out the show. I personally hate these shows and watch them on mute most of the time. But I'll have to un-mute it for Storm. I would image she's not interested in actually fronting this band, SuperNova, but rather, she gets to show her stuff on television and maybe attract the attention of record labels.

Storm Rocks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will definitely check her out. I LOVE those shows - if fact, I think you should audition for American Idol (or the reality singing show of your choice) because they open lot's of doors! For example Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. 'Nough said.

6:32 AM  

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