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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Mid Vacation Update

We are in Camp Wood, Texas right now, outside of Uvalde in East (correction: West Texas, thank you, Mary) Texas. We arrived here at Bobby & Mary's yesterday evening, around 6pm. It was a hot, cloudy day and we were very much looking forward to getting in the river today. It's clear, warm, steady and deep.

We awoke this morning to rain. Apparently, this place hasn't seen rain since October of last year. Oh, thank goodness they've finally gotten some. But did it have to be today? The one day we have here to swim? The rain now, at 6pm, has finally ceased and there is a bit of blue sky off to the west. But the temp is a little below 70 and even though the water is very warm, it's still too chilly to actually get in the river. Crap. Steve and I did walk down there in the rain this morning. It was warm and comfortable and what else did we have to do? Mom is not a happy camper at all. If you remember from our July 4th visit to WV, we were all looking forward to getting in the creek. And it stormed for four days. And then Steve and I went camping, after it had been in the 90's, and were looking forward to swimming in Denny Creek. Too cold. And La Push! Hot and clear, but the water was freezing. What is up with this massive thwart to our swimming plans?! Our B&B in Austin has a pool. I'm curious what the fates will devise to keep us from swimming there?

And although we are having a lovely time now, our trip initially got off to a very crappy start.

Saturday, 6:15am:
We check in at airport, only to learn that our flight that is scheduled to leave at 8:30am is already an hour late, thus ensuring we will miss our connecting flight leaving Dallas at 3:08pm. So the nice lady put us on an earlier flight out of Seattle. Nice, yes, but it caused us to literally run through the airport to catch that flight. That was 15 minutes delayed.

We arrive in Dallas with two hours to spare until our flight to Houston. We chill out, have lunch and head to the gate to board. There is an announcement over the loudspeaker - they do not have an aircraft for this flight. Huh.

Another announcement 20 minutes later. They now have an aircraft - proceed to a different gate, on the other side of the airport.

An announcement at the new gate - the aircraft is ready. Now they're just waiting on the crew. New departure time, 4pm.

The crew arrives, we board plane. We don't move for 30 minutes. Announcement - the co-pilot's seat is not bolted down. That is apparently important. They're working on it.

Twenty minutes later, another announcement - the co-pilot's seat won't bolt down. They need a new chair. Could take minutes, could take hours. Fortunately, we see the new chair arrive in about 15 minutes.

Thirty minutes later, an announcement - "Folks, we're gonna need to you to deplane." You're kidding, right?

New gate, this time same terminal. Whew.

Announcement - "The plane is ready and waiting. We're just waiting for the crew...."
Where is the crew from the last plane? Didn't they follow us off the plane down to this gate? We wait. I don't know how long.

The crew arrives, we get on the plane and finally get in the air. And we land in Houston at 7:15pm. Instead of 4:15pm. If we had rented a car when we first landed in Dallas at 1pm, we could have driven to Houston quicker.

I love American Airlines. They will be receiving a very nasty and lengthy letter from us.

Anyway, everyone is down at the river now fishing, but should be coming back shortly so that we can eat dinner. We'll sit around and chat outside tonight, then tomorrow, mom and Mary will take us to San Antonio to pick up our rental car so that we can drive to Austin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahem!!!!! NOT east Texas - - WEST Texas!!!! And, Steve (Daddy Steve) and I did catch 5 catfish, one very good size. Alas, nobody wanted to clean fish, so we let them go. Had specific instructions from Bink to either kill them or release them. So, we did. We're really enjoying the Marshes & Steve.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad they finished building your plane before you finally took off! And I'm sorry about Storm. But she's the only real vocalist there. She'll go far with the added exposure she's gotten.

8:22 PM  

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