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Friday, September 22, 2006

Health Insurance RAWKS!

So I got a massage Monday night. Not a soft, relaxing massage, but a dig-in-your-back-so-that-you-have-a-million-little-bruises-the-next-day massage. It sounds bad, but it did a world of good. My legs haven't been aching at all this week. The guy who works the desk knows me and how knotted my back is, so he told me to look into my health insurance specs to see if they covered massage therapy.

Wow. 60 visits per calendar year.

So I went to the doctor yesterday to get a prescription. I needed to let him know about my back and I wanted his opinion on why my feet have been tingly lately. He thinking I'm stressed (really?) and that the muscles in my back are so tight they're literally pinching the nerves. He thinks the massage therapy is a wonderful idea. He wrote me a prescription for 10 to start, then he said the place would check back in with him and the insurance company and he'd write me a prescription for more. Fabulous! So I have a standing 5:30 appointment every Monday. Life is looking up!


Blogger The Hamilton's said...

You are quite lucky! I went for a massage today, but paid cash for it! I feel so good, though! I hope your back & feet feel better soon.

12:37 PM  

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