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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mushy Story - Part 2

Okay, so a couple of people would like hear the "How Steve and I Actually Started Dating" story. And since I think it's a lovely story (and it's my blog), I'll tell ya.

After the audition with ThoNton Creek that Monday night, I went home sad, sick, and dejected. Tuesday, I had recovered slightly. Wednesday, I had recovered completely and was moving on. And I kept thinking about Steve, that handsome bass player with the long hair. Who loved Goodwill.

Thursday evening, I summoned to courage to contact Steve. But I didn't have his number and there are a ton of Steve Miller's in the phone book. I did, however, have his friend Mark's business card, which he gave Saturday night at that bar. So I called Mark and bluntly asked for Steve's phone number. How else do you get things done?

Mark gave me Steve's number and I called. He wasn't home but I left a message on his machine: "Hi, Steve, this is Raechelle, I auditioned with you guys Monday? I hope you don't mind, but Mark gave me your number...I was wondering if you could tell me where that big Goodwill was, the one we talked about Saturday. You said it's downtown? I'd like to go this weekend....maybe you wanna go too? Anyway, give me a call and lemme know...782-1914...thanks"

Am I smooth or what?

After that, I went down to Fremont to meet up with some friends for dinner and then play some pool. At dinner, I told them about the audition and this really cute bass player and he loved thrift store shopping too and he's so wow and blah, blah, blah. I was a mere 25 at this time, remember. So after dinner, we walked down the street to the pool hall. There were a lot of people on the sidewalk and I was watching my feet, kind of hunkered down because it was February and cold, and I brushed shoulders with a few people here and there. Then, after brushing past a couple of guys, I heard someone say "Raechelle?" I stopped and turned and lo' and behold, there was Steve. With a friend. I was in awe. They came walking up to us and I think I said hi and tried to introduce him to my friends, but I could not remember his name. And here's where I like to throw in that his friend later said that when Steve and I saw each other there were literally sparks flying. Then Steve interrupts my story and says "But he was very drunk so I'm sure that had something to do with it.." Way to steal my story, man.

Anyway, I'm sticking with the story of sparks. I told Steve I had just left a message for him at his house a little bit ago, he said he hadn't been home yet to get that message, we asked if he and his friend would like to come play some pool with us, and since they were just killing time and walking off their beers before they drove home, they said sure.

So we all played pool and Steve and I flirted madly. Then he drove me to my car, which was only parked a block or two away, but it was a good excuse to hop in a car with a long haired bass player. Steve said he'd see if anything was going on Saturday, and if not, he'd go to Goodwill with me. He ended up calling me Friday night from a bar to tell me he was free and would go with me, then called again Saturday morning before we were supposed to met to tell me he was going to look at a motorcycle so he might be a bit delayed. What a guy, huh?

So we went to the Goodwill bins and spent all day digging through used clothing. Looking back, quite the first date. We parted ways that evening, he with his bag of clothing, me with mine. When I got home, I was sad. I called Steve (don't turns out to be a good thing) and asked "Is it wrong that I wasn't ready to say goodbye yet?" He said he was thinking the same thing.

Everyone: "Ahhhhhhhhhh"

So he met me in Fremont because I was having dinner with those friends from Thursday. He joined us and then we went to play pool at another bar up the street. There was more alcohol and more flirting. As a matter of fact, there was so much alcohol, that I got on a wild tangent about fate. Us meeting in Fremont Thursday after I had *just* called him?! FATE!! It's just wild!! I mean, what are the chances?!! Meant to be together, I tell ya! MEANT.TO.BE.

And then he kissed me to shut me up.
Good stuff.

Thus begins the first round of Steve & Raechelle.
We dated until May. Then parted ways because we both were really screwed up from previous relationships and neither one of us was nowhere near ready to be dating anyone.

And now my lunch is over.
Part 3 tomorrow - How Steve and I Found Each Other Once Again

This soap opera brought to you by Swiffer.


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Very nice story! Looking forward to Part 3.

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