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Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend Update - and a tangent

First, happy birthday to my dad :-)

Now, what a lovely weekend Steve and I had.
Friday night, we had people over to watch Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Great movie. Not for everyone, though. But everyone we had over liked it. I made a big vat of pasta with homemade pesto sauce and people brought bread and salad. Casual, laid back evening.

Saturday, we slept in a bit. I got up, cleaned the kitchen from the night before, then ran errands. Steve went for a bike ride. We were supposed to attend a pre-wedding celebration at a bar downtown at 4pm but when 3pm rolled around, Steve and I were really into our own projects and since we hadn't been home for how many weekends, we decided to skip the gathering and do our own thing. I washed Ruby, then took her to the car wash center and vacuumed her. She was very happy. It had been a while and she got filthy in LaPush. Steve worked down in the garage all day. He built shelves to put in our storage unit so he could organize everything. And he got rid of some stuff too. Very productive.

I also bought Quicken. MS Money had me in tears that morning. It told me I was overdraw for about two months, and I cannot find the error. So I said screw it, I'll just buy the latest version of Quicken and manually enter two years worth of data into it and call it good. In the 10 years I used Quicken, I never, ever had the issues that I'm having with Money. That will be a rainy day project.

Saturday night we stayed in and watched TV. I made dinner, took a long bath, and colored my hair. It's auburn now. And will be for about a month. Then it will fade out.

Sunday, we slept in again (jet lag, I'm sure of it) and then went over to our friend Chris & Katie's (who just got engaged last weekend! Goodie for them. I'm really not bitter.) to watch the Seahawks beat the Cardinals. I can't say anything stronger than "beat" because that's all they did. The first half - very exciting. Second half - not so much. But they won. We'll take it. After the game, we went to ThorNton Creek band practice. Have I mentioned that Steve is filling in for the bass player this weekend in Port Townsend? Yes, another road trip. This one is pretty easy compared to the last few. And Port Townsend is lovely in the fall. So we'll head over there Saturday, sometime, and stay at Matt & MaryBeth's in their Rawk Room out back (Matt & MaryBeth are The Whole Bolivian Army, the first band Steve played with). Don and Marcia will stay there, too, so it will be nice to spend some time with them. I always have fun on these band trips.

Where was I? Oh, band practice. That was nice. I like their music and can almost harmonize with some songs. I've been listening to them for six years, so I'm getting better.

Does everyone know the story of how I met these guys? If so, you can skip this section.

I answered an ad in our free, alternative paper, The Stranger, in February of 2000. This country-like band, ThorNton Creek, was looking for a back up singer and I thought, Hey, I'm in a new city, I'm makin' a new life, I can sing, what the hell! So I emailed the band (Don, actually, I found out later) and Don called me to chat. This was on a Saturday. He said they were playing at a local bar that night and I should come hear them first to see if I even like their music. I said sure.

After I got off the phone, I took my truck to get the oil changed and had breakfast at Denny's. This was the last time I ever had breakfast at Denny's. I apparently got food poisioning from that meal and was sick as a dog the rest of the day. But I had committed to help teach ballroom dancing that night with the owner of the studio where I was working, and it was on a boat (did you know I taught ballroom dancing? I don't know who reads this anymore.....). So I somehow managed to get through this four hour lesson, on a boat, while occasionally taking a break to throw up. And because I'm a dedicated person and I committed to going to this bar and seeing this band play, I got home, threw up again, changed clothes and headed out.

I got to the bar and the band was onstage, warming up. I ordered a Sprite and sat down by myself. When the band came off stage, I walked up to the guitar player, Don, and introduced myself. Ballsy little girl, aren't I? We chatted and he asked if I was here with anyone. I said no, so he took me over to sit with his friend, Mark. The rest of the band members came over and said hi, except for the bass player, Steve (who was quite the hottie with his long hair). So the band got up and played, Mark entertained me (and flirted heavily) and I sipped my Sprite, while taking frequent breaks to the ladies room. They were great and I loved their music. When they were done, they came over and sat with us and we all chatted for a bit. Steve finally joined us and one by the one, the rest of the group dissipated but Steve stayed. He and I talked for a couple of hours. At least it felt like a couple of hours. Could of been 15 minutes for all I know...I was very smitten at that point. Finally, my trip to the ladies room was a huge sign that I needed to head home, so I said my goodbyes and agreed to audition with the band that following Monday. (Side note: I even had to stop on my way home because I lost it in the car. I'm sure the people who passed by thought I was some stupid, young girl who drank too much. I just want those people to know I had FOOD POISIONING.)

Monday, I started a new job, got a cold and lost 80% of my voice. Talk about "not meant to be". But, ballsy girl that I am, I still went to the audition and croaked out a few Patsy Cline songs for them. I'm sure they thought I was a horrible singer, but they also thought I was cute so they were nice to me. And now that Steve and I play together, I have had the opportunity to prove to Thornton (lead singer of ThorNton Creek) that I can actually sing.

So that's how I met ThorNton Creek. And Steve. The "How Steve and I Actually Started Dating" story is a bit longer, so I'll spare you, unless I get requests to continue the story. I'm sure I've already told it to most of you.

Whew. Well my lunch is over now.
Only two hours to go, then I have a massage tonight. My back is icky so I'm breaking down and spending the money. My body will thank me later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never heard the "How Steve and I Actually Started Dating" story, so whenever you're bored and want to share, feel free.
And the Quicken vs. Money issue - this is why you young people should have plain old check book registers and use a pen to record your deposits/withdrawals from your checking account. You can still use a debit card - I do all the time. And balance it the old fashioned way when you get your statement in the mail. Takes me five minutes and I don't get all stressed out. I'm sure you'll have a technologically savvy response for me. ;>) And I'm sure I'll hear from Tricia and Kristin as well. But I bet your mom agrees with me.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mom DEFINITELY agrees with you Dee. And Binky (sorry, Raechelle) always gives me grief when she's in Texas and I have to go to the bank to deposit my check and keep out enough money to last us until next payday. Her response: "Mom, no one does that anymore!" Well, surprise, I do! AND, I might add, I also do NOTHING financial on the computer, thank you very much. I also balance my checkbook EVERY month and very seldom do I end up being "off". So there!

5:04 AM  
Blogger The Hamilton's said...

Glad to hear the positive things about Quicken. I just bought it. I have only used Money before b/c it was always free with the computer. But, I haven't used any programs for a couple of years. Now I really want to track our spending habits, so I'm back into it. ;-)

Dee: I still balance my checkbook every 2-3 months. I just can't let that part go.

I haven't heard the "how steve & i started dating" story, either. Feel free to share.

6:09 AM  
Blogger Raechelle said...

First, I balance my checkbook every month when I get my statement. And rarely am I off any. Secondly, I can't add and subtract correctly even if I do have a calculator. There's no way I could manually keep a checkbook register. Things aren't half as bad now as they would be if I did it manually. And I like to track spending habits too, Tricia. That's why I like Quicken. Money can do that, but we found it also Auto Balances your checkbook which seems to be causing the problem. Just like a Microsoft program - it thinks it knows what I want to do and just does it for me. I hate that. The only drawback with Quicken is that when you upgrade, you can't import old Quicken data into a new Quicken program. Intuit sucks like that. Beware.

8:38 AM  

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