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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Random Tidbits

Had my weekly massage yesterday. That's good stuff, lemme tell ya. Just knowing that it's coming every Monday is reason enough to get out of bed after a great weekend.

One of my favorite blogs, Operation Eden, has new postings. To sum up, but you should still check it out (warning - it has ALOT of pictures, so it may take a while to load up), Clayton is a photographer in New York and he began his blog the day before Katrina hit. His mother and brother live in Pearlington, Mississippi and the town was virtually destroyed. He travelled to Pearlington to find them after the storm and used photographs to document the aftermath. The reason I love this blog so much is that you have an opportunity to witness what the news didn't show. You grow to love Clayton, his mom, his brother and everyone in Pearlington, MS who survived and who travelled there to help rebuild. The photos are incredibly sad, and yet still very beautiful. You'll need tissues, trust me.

Let's see....what else is happening in my world?
Have I shared Cute Overload with you? It's good for when you need a smile. Maybe after reading Operation Eden.

The Seahawks game is at 10am this Sunday, so I think we'll be having a brunch. In our jammies. I don't like the 10am games. Way too early for me.

I guess that's all I have for today. Sorry there's nothing more entertaining to write about. I'll work on that....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can barely keep up w/yours and Tricia's blogs. I better not start on a random person's blog especially if it takes a long time to load - I still have dial up and it's s-l-o-w!
I can't even imagine watching a football game at 10 a.m.!

12:57 PM  

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