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Monday, October 30, 2006


So, I wanted to share, this talk of costumes and all.

The first Halloween Steve and I spent together, we went as a Riot Cop and a Bloody Mary. Get it? Red dress, salt around the neck, olive earrings. I carried around a stalk of celery all night. Well, until it was gone because people kept taking bites off of it.

Then our friend Katie had a birthday party two summers ago and the theme was Ports O'Call. The bathroom was decorated as New Orleans, the living room was Cabo (I think) and the kitchen Bankok. There was a heavy nautical feeling and we were supposed to come dressed as sailors or something else that would go with the theme. I off handedly said "Every port needs a prostitute!" so Steve and I ended up going as the Tourist and the Hussy.

We have fun with costume parties.
And I get to show off my boobs.


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