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Monday, October 23, 2006

Delayed Update

I know, I's been a whole week.
Last week was relatively quiet, so there wasn't much to write about.

Thursday, we had drinks with Sergio, who was in town for a few days for work. Daniela and Jonah couldn't come, but it was good to catch up with him. Hopefully we'll see the whole family next summer. Daniela said they're planning a trip for a week or two.

Friday, Steve and I went out for dinner. Thai food. On Queen Anne. For those of you not from 'round here, that's another neighborhood in the area. We don't normally go to Queen Anne - parking is tough so we tend to stay in little ol' Ballard. But there's a really good thai restaurant there, so we travelled outside of our comfort zone. We toodled around a bit after dinner, then decided to head to the Lock & Keel. Yes, I know. Back to the comfort zone.

But there was no parking anywhere near the Lock & Keel, so we went home, got in bed and watched Tombstone. Great movie. I fell asleep early. I think Steve finished the movie. It was a nice Friday.

Saturday, we got up late, went to the driving range (because we aspire to be athletic) and hit some balls. I didn't do too bad. It's been about 12 years since I've been golfing, but I got a couple of good drives off. I had forgotten how much it hurts your hands. Wow. Steve didn't do too bad either. He practiced with irons. I don't do irons. I like the Big Woods. Hee hee.

After golfing, we went over to Pete's Wines in Bellevue (The Eastside...oooh) for a tasting. Our friend, Morgan, from Tacoma met us there. Afterwards, we went for sushi, then Steve and I headed to Darragh's for a birthday chili feast.

We hung out with the gang, just gabbing and playing music, until about 1am, then headed home. We slept in Sunday, the watched the Seahawks game.

Oh boy.
We lost 31-13.

I think we're screwed. Hasselbeck is out for a month with a damaged knee ligament and Seneca, our back up, hasn't played all season so he's a bit rusty. But he's a good player. I have confidence in him, but he's going to need to get up to speed pretty darn quick. And the other players need to help him. They've had it easy with Hasselbeck because they've had this great groove going on. Now they've got a new leader and they're not playing as well as they should. But again! I have confidence in them! We didn't have people over yesterday for the game and I'm pretty sure that had a negative impact. So this Sunday, I'll make soup and tell everyone and their freakin' brother to come over and support the team!

We didn't use the Seahawks plate yesterday either.
I bet that had something to do with it.....

And that's the weekend.
I have my massage tonight (wheeee!) and then I'm making vegetarian shepherd's pie. Or, I'm going to try to make vegetarian shepherd's pie. We'll see how that goes. Let's see.....not much going on this week. Steve finished up his job last week, so he's not working right now. I think he's got some other contract jobs in the works. I kind of like it when he's home. He does laundry and cleans the kitchen. I think because he feels guilty for getting to stay home. Whatever works for him. I'm enjoying it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....we lost 33-22. Pretty much sucks, but we Redskin fans are used to being heartbroken almost every week. You Seahawk fans aren't used to that. Better get out the plates.

5:03 AM  

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