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Friday, November 03, 2006

P L A N K !

Oh gosh.
Steve and I went to see Bob Schneider tonight at the Crocodile. He's awesome. The whole band is awesome. And Jeff Plankenhorn is an AMAZING guitar player. With dimples. A nice perk.

Although, he was much skinnier and....frail looking this time around. I've seen him play with Eliza Gilkyson and Bob a few times and this time he just looked...different.

We hung out after the show. I closed out my tab and Steve waited for Bob and Bruce, the bass player, to come out. He'd brought a rare Bob cd with him for the boys to sign. I caught up with him while he was talking to Bob, and as we were leaving, Jeff came out to mingle. Steve stopped and said something to the effect of "Good show, man" and then I hear "My girlfriend is in love with you. This is Raechelle." Jeff hugged me and said "I love you too, darlin'". Oh man....whew.

So we chatted a bit. I asked how he was doing...I'd been stalking him for five years and he's lookin' a bit thin. He said he's eating well and finally taking care of himself. Then he probably said some other stuff, but I was in a fog at this point. Hee hee. Then we hugged again and parted ways. I made it out the door and around the corner before I giggled like a school girl and jumped up and down.

Yeah, we're cool.


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